Let’s welcome Project Accessory to BuddyTV the right way! We have a few episodes to catch up on, so we’ll take a drive-by through memory lane and then bring everyone up to speed for tonight’s challenge.

Episode 1 – Welcome! Now make something from trash!
Host Molly Sims welcomes 12 contestants to the Project Accessory completion.
Contestants: Nina, Adrian, David, Nicolina, Rich, Diego, Shea, Christina, Cotrice, James, Kelly, Anya
Lifestyle expert: Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti
The challenge: Create a belt, necklace and accessory of your choice from garbage
Judges: Molly, Ariel Foxman, Kenneth Cole and special guest judge Debra Messing
Challenge Winner: Nina
Eliminated: Cotrice

Episode 2 – The Little Black Dress meets Swarovski
The Challenge: You guessed it! Molly Sims and company want a bunch of little black dresses adorned with Swarovski crystals.
Guest Judge: Nadja Swarovski
Challenge Winner: James
Eliminated: Kelly

Episode 3 – Fun with Spandex!
The Challenge: To make a Spandex jumpsuit look good
Guest Judge: Kelly Osbourne… yawn
Challenge Winner: Christina
Eliminated: David and Nicolina


Okay, so we have met the contestants, spiced up the little black dress, and made “onesies” fun again. What’s left? How dare you forget. Tonight is all about the handbag.

Eva stands in the workroom with Andrea Linett of eBay fashion with a table full of totes. Wait… eBay fashion? Like you can put a fashionista on eBay and bid on her? That sounds quite inappropriate.

The Challenge – Bag ladies!

Anyways, the contestants must pick a tote and design a handbag for the woman who owns the possessions within. Christina, the last challenge winner, chooses first. James, who luckily had immunity, had the lowest score, so he chooses last. Oh and EVERYTHING in the tote must fit in the handbag.

Just like its elder Project Runway, our accessory enthusiasts will be mooching off of Mood for their usual materials. Too bad Tim Gunn isn’t around for the always hilarious line, “Thank you, Mood!”

In the Workroom – Curse words bounce off Rich’s beard

James claims he’s a “perfectionist.” I hope this perfect messenger bag will keep him from coming in dead last because there was no immunity given out this time, buddy! Rich, on the other hand, is having a really hard time, staring at a blank white board. I guess that would confuse me too the longer I stared at it?

Anya’s client wants extra pockets. Brian’s client just complains the entire time. Looks like someone’s not listening to what the client wants. Shouldn’t they know that would almost mean a definite ticket home? Then you still have Rich who realizes he has a lot of work to do. Hold on everyone there’s a twist!

The Twist

The clients hand over their old handbags. I love watching eyes grow bigger and blank stares gaze at Eva. An additional accessory must be made from the old bags. Better get on it, Rich. Cursing won’t help time slow down. Already frustrated, he lashes out at Shea who is frantic and all over the place.

The Runway – Rock those handbags, girls!

Tonight’s judges: Molly Sims
Ariel Foxman
Rebecca Minkoff, designer
Kara Ross, designer

Highs: Nina creates a pretty cool looking ring that sort of looks like a piece of coal with some gold lining. Christina apparently can’t do anything wrong. Her finished product looks super expensive and like something that might pop up on the Home Shopping Network late at night.

Lows: Poor James… This bag is huge and resembles a cantaloupe. Plus, he didn’t make an additional accessory. Potty-mouth Rich finished his messenger bag, but it looks like a child ripped it apart and taped it back together.

Since this is Project Accessory, that gives me free reign to point out the oversized buckle that does not match anything else that Adrian is wearing right? Especially the multi-colored bowtie.

The Elimination – Try to finish next time

So the winner could either be Nina, Brian, Christina or Diego. Rich, Adrian, Shea and James are the bottom designers. My predictions are Christina and James. By the way, I’m sorry Molly Sims but your “…one of you will be out” simply does not live up to the standard set by the great Heidi Klum.

Challenge Winner: Diego

Eliminated: James

Well, I got one out of two right. Next time on Project Accessory, the contestants will have help from female silhouettes for something made out of seashells. Plus, Shea has yet another problem and starts bleeding.

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Jilliane Johnson

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