As hinted previously, CSI will be starting off its run this year with a star-studded episode that features Brendan Wayne, the grandson of John Wayne, professional rodeo cowboy Ty Murray, Nicole Sullivan of The King of Queens, country music singer Shooter Jennings and award-winning singer Jewel, who makes a cameo appearance performing the national anthem.  Fans can catch these celebrities in the episode “Bull” airing on Thursday, January 10 on CBS.

Read on for more spoilers of next week’s episode of CSI.

In the 11th episode of season 8, Grissom (William Petersen) and his team go to an annual rodeo event in Las Vegas but, they aren’t there to watch the bull riding.  The team is called to investigate the two murders that took place during the rodeo that may be connected to illegal bull breeding.

The case centers on a crowd-favorite bull rider who attempts to break the record of the previous rider in the competition in order for him to qualify in the final round of the rodeo.  Despite enduring chronic pain from years of being thrown, he heads out to the arena but gets thrown on his back in the dirt.  To make matters worst, the bull twists around and slams on his neck, prompting the crowd to panic.  Medics rush in to help the fallen rider, who eventually gets back on his feet. Unfortunately, he loses his chance for the night as judges signal that there will be no re-ride.

The next day, his lifeless body is found in the middle of the arena with a bottle of booze nearby.  At the morgue, the team discovers the cause of his death but also finds out something mysterious about it.  Shortly after, more cadavers pile up, including a female victim of a hit and run and a third dead body, who all appear to have some connection with deceased bull rider.

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-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, CSI Files

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