Once on the FBI’s hackers’ list, Penelope Garcia, portrayed by Kirsten Vangsness, has been recruited by the BAU as the team’s audio-visual technician, which requires her to listen to and watch terrifying things in her office to analyze them for the team. While she significantly contributes to the team’s success, one thing that Criminal Minds fans look forward to is her chemistry with special agent Derek Morgan, played by eye-candy Shemar Moore.

According to Vangsness, who sat down with Hollywood 411‘s Madison Michele for an interview, her on-screen chemistry with Moore is just something that reflects how they treat each other in real life.

“I came in as a co-star and it was just this little scene.  And I thought that was gonna be it. And then I was on the second episode and the third episode.  But when I went in for the second one, I didn’t know who I was in the phone with.  And here comes this man [Moore] who is better looking in person, fyi.  He’s like the big human ship of gorgeousness.  You wanna crack a bottle at him and lick it off,” the Criminal Minds actress said.

“I met him and we were like taking and then we were flirting with each other…just silly…and then we had a sexual harassment meeting we all had to go to and me and him sat on the back and sexually harassed each other…joking around.  We were joking and calling each other names,” she explained of how the writers took notes and incorporated their off-cam banter to the scripts.

Apart from shedding light on her chemistry with Moore, Vangsness also hinted on what the fourth season of Criminal Minds has in store for her character.

“I’m just the girl on the phone but I think I’m gonna get out on the field more in the next couple of ones coming up,” she said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Hollywood 411
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