Last week, I made some BuddyTV readers mad when I told them to stop thinking like Prison Break’s Michael Scofield and more like The Company.  With season 4 only a few months away, it’s without question that more major characters will lose their lives.  The Company has already tried to kill LJ and Lincoln but which of the father/son pair would die first?  Though many Prison Break fans felt passionately that no one should choose the son to die, an overwhelming 85% voted for LJ to kick it first in season 4.  Even though Lincoln has committed crimes and has lived much of his life, fans still voted in his favor.  Now, it’s time for round 3 and this time, it involves three of Prison Break’s favorite characters.


All three of our round three nominees are in grave danger as the fourth season kicks into gear. Michael, feeling that The Company is responsible for Sara’s death, is on a mission to take them all out. He’s most concerned with Susan, who personally sent her head in a box to Lincoln. Going up against The Company singlehandedly is probably not the wisest decision and though Prison Break won’t kill off their anti-hero, he probably is the one who would be most likely to die if this was real life.


Poor Sucre. All the guy has done since season 1 is protect his friend, Michael. When he refuses to give up Michael’s location, he was practically buried alive by the Sona prison guards.  Miraculously, they let him live, but threw him into Sona as a prisoner.  It’s unlikely that he’ll join forces with Bellick or T-Bag so Sucre is left on his own.  Not only that, the guards have it in for him so we can expect a few more beatings to come Sucre’s way.  Will Michael and Lincoln find out that they’re friend’s in trouble before it’s too late?


Well, if this WERE real life, then T-Bag sure as hell deserves to die.  He’s a stalker, a rapist, a murderer, among many things.  Yet, there’s something that’s just so captivating about T-Bag that we don’t want to see him die … ever.  He is the current prisoner “in charge” of Sona but with great power comes great danger.  Just ask Lechero.  Oh, that’s right, you can’t because he’s DEAD.  Before too long, a group of prisoners will join together to take down their leader and take over Sona for themselves.  T-Bag may be well versed in the power of persuasion but let’s see how he’d do in a fight to the death in Sona’s prison yard.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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