Exclusive ‘Supernatural’ Video: Behind-the-Scenes of “Long-Distance Call”

  • May 2, 2008
  • Buddy TV

I’m not objective about last night’s episode of Supernatural. I know many of you fans loved it because of the great emotional moments with Dean (Jensen Ackles), but for me, “Long-Distance Call” will forever be the episode I got to see first-hand. I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to TV, DVRing all my schedule shows well in advance, scheduling my entire life around the many shows I have to watch (not want to, have to). So to actually see talented people create something I love so much was an experience I never though I’d have.

It doesn’t hurt that I got to watch a really good show get made. Though I wasn’t an original fan, I’ve fallen quite hard for Supernatural, and I owe it all to this job and you, the passionate fans who convinced me this show was something special.

On the day I visited the set, they were filming most of the motel room scenes. First up was the incredibly long scene when Dean goes on about weather patterns, and needing to believe that his dad really does now how to save him. The second was the beautiful final scene. When we left at 8pm, the crew and Jensen were prepping the scene in the motel bathroom where he was talking to his “dad.”

In addition, I saw a few of the other sets, including Lainy’s bedroom. This photo is one of me and fellow BuddyTV staffer Royce Yuen chilling on Lainy’s bed (click on the photo to enlarge for a super-detailed look). I was stunned at the level of detail that goes into making something as simple as a girl’s bedroom. The books on the shelves (most of them were about dreams and psychology), the numerous anime posters, the CDs, the set decoration is so detailed that I can’t imagine the painstaking work that goes into making new sets and new rooms for every episode.

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There were three highlights of the entire trip for me. The first, as you’ll see in our first video on the next page, was when I first spied Sam and Dean, watching Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles quickly run through their lines while waiting for the cameras to be ready. These two actors who I’d only seen on TV and photos were now flesh and blood people sitting in front of me.

The second was right before I left, just talking to Jensen as he sat on his tiny motorbike. There were no interviews, no recorders, and Jensen was just a regular dude. The third was when I got my picture taken with Jared and he put his arm around me like we were best buds. I was right there with Sam Winchester, with Rory’s Dean Forester, towering over me like a giant.

To close out the coverage of BuddyTV’s exclusive Supernatural, we bring you clips you can’t find anywhere else. First up is a look at Jensen and Jared running through their lines for the long motel scene where Dean tries to convince Sam their dad is really trying to help. The second is some b-roll footage we filmed of the guys actually filming the scene. I hope you enjoy this and all our set visit coverage even one-tenth as much as I enjoyed my trip to Vancouver.


-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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