On Monday night’s episode of Prison Break, Michael and the boys were closing in on Scylla in the tunnels underneath Gate Corporation. They ran into a huge snafu when they realized that water was blocking their way so Lincoln and Bellick headed to turn it off. When they returned, the two joined forces with Michael and Sucre to use a pipe to walk through the tunnel and over the water when it comes rushing back. Unfortunately, as they were trying to place the pipe in the proper holes, it fell. With only seconds to spare, Bellick jumped down to lift the pipe into place. He accomplished his goal but the water came rushing back through the tunnels and he lost his life in order to help Michael, whom he had treated so badly not too long ago. After his death aired, Wade Williams spoke about his character and the memories he’ll take away with him from Prison Break.

Brad Bellick has certainly had his ups and downs over the last 4 seasons on Prison Break and Wade Williams leaves the show with several memorable moments. “Well, running around in my underwear for two episodes, I have to say was a drag,” he said of the time his character spent in Sona prison in season 3. “I was covered in dirt and oil and blood and it was really uncomfortable also being out in like the 120-degree heat in Texas. I was so dirty … so I would say tighty whities was definitely a highpoint or a low point, depending on how you look at it.”

For Williams, playing Bellick was a pleasure because the character went through such a huge transformation from season 1 to season 4.  “Yeah you know that’s the great thing about Bellick. He’s a really three-dimensional character,” he told SpoilerTV this week. “I think they wrote him beautifully that way. You know it just goes to show you that if you can actually feel for the guy when he gets killed then it tells you how far he’s come because in the first season everybody hated him. To come around to the point where people actually feel bad for the guy when he croaks that’s a pretty good twist.”

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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