Ah, how I love press tours because it always gives us the dirt on our favorite shows that we’ve been waiting for. The TCAs (Television Critics Assocation) are in full swing and the major players from FOX’s Prison Break were on hand yesterday to share some new details about season 4. Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, and Sarah Wayne Callies sat down from some brunch and answered questions about what critics and fans alike could expect when Prison Break returns in September. They dished on everything from MiSa’s relationship to the new and improved A-Team to where Michael Scofield’s head is at after everything he’s been through.

Sarah Wayne Callies didn’t waste any time letting the critics know when viewers would find out what happened to her character, Dr. Sara Tancredi last season. She said that Prison Break would address, right away, her “death” and how she managed to make it out of The Company’s grasp in one piece. Just because she and Michael are reunited, though, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be smooth sailing. “People forget that Michael and Sara really don’t know each other,” she said. “This whole new series started six months ago, and so I think there’s a lot of ‘Oh, you like grapefruit? I didn’t know that, but I know I love you.'”

“It’s the A-Team 2008!” Wentworth said of season 4. “We are seven guys with very different agendas who are forced to work together.” The New York Post speculated that Sara was part of the seven but I think I’ve got it right when I call it as being: Michael, Lincoln, LJ, Sucre, Mahone, T-Bag, and Bellick. Let’s assume that after what she’s been through, Michael will do everything in his power to keep Sara out of harm’s way.

Miller went on to talk about his character, Michael Scofield, who is constantly evolving as the show continues on. “I felt like Michael was at his best in Season One. He had a clear sense of purpose,” Miller said. “And then in Season Two, the character kind of spun out. And then when we were back inside in Season Three, he had that sense of purpose again.” He finished up explaining Michael by saying that in season 4, he’s got his stuff together. “This time we’re being pro-active instead of reactive. He has a mission.” Prison Break returns with a 2 hour season premiere on Labor Day.

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