After rumors that Michael J. Fox is in talks with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence to reprise his role on the ABC comedy, another face fans are very familiar with is joining the fun at Sacred Heart.  Entertainment Weekly reports that Friends alumna Courtney Cox is joining the cast of Scrubs for a three-episode arc.  She will supposedly play as Sacred Heart’s new Chief of Medicine, a role which, according to the insider, will “ruffle feathers.”

Meanwhile, this is certainly news for Cox after Dirt was canceled after two seasons due to negative reviews.  Fans have already commented on the soundness of this move for Cox, as it will allow her to showcase what she is best known for: comedy.

After the phenomenal Friends left the airwaves in 2004, Cox had mostly been busy with family life, after marriage with actor David Arquette in 1999.  She was reportedly the first choice to play Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives.  Cox, however, was unavailable due to pregnancy, so the role subsequently went to Teri Hatcher.  Aside from a few movies, such as November, Zoom, and The Longest Yard, Cox starred as Lucy Spiller in the FX drama Dirt, which she and husband David produced.  There were also rumors of a Friends movie after the Sex and the City film adaptation, although it hasn’t been confirmed.  As such, Courtney Cox fans cannot wait to see her back on the small screen.

-Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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Glenn Diaz

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