Michael Scofield ended Prison Break’s third season in an interesting position. Convinced that his brother and nephew would be okay without him, he parted ways with them. Unaware that his good friend, Fernando Sucre, is trapped in Sona, Michael is only focused on exacting revenge on The Company for killing his love, Sara, who is not really dead at all. What is interesting about Michael is that he is always focused on saving someone or avenging someone’s death. Yet, as he tries to accomplish one goal, more things get in the way and fuel his superhero complex. Can Michael ever find peace?

Michael has always had the superhero complex. In the way that Peter Parker felt responsible for his uncle’s death, Michael feels responsible for deaths close to him, because he couldn’t save them. Of course, he doesn’t have the nerdy outcast complex that Parker has. He knows how to attract a lady, Bruce Wayne style. Come to think of it, perhaps Michael Scofield is more Bruce Wayne than Peter Parker. Both Wayne and Scofield have no actual powers, they both choose to save others, they have charm and charisma that they can use to get ahead, and both have dark sides that come in handy when fighting the bad guys.

We know that Lincoln and LJ can’t just ride off into the sunset at the end of season 3 and live a perfect life together as father and son reunited. They must find themselves in some kind of danger next season. Sucre is trapped in Sona solely for giving Michael his allegiance. Sara will return “from the dead” and will have to tell the love of her life just what The Company did to her. Michael will have a lot of people to save but who will turn his attention to first? The bigger question is: will he be able to save everyone or will more blood be on his hands because he couldn’t get to them in time?

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV