With 24 not returning until next January (though we do have the prequel movie coming in the Fall), there’s not much in the way of new surrounding Jack Bauer and his escapades.  Thankfully, you can currently get your 24 fix on line.  The third edition of the 24 webisode series 24: The Rookie has begun airing on FOX’s 24 website.  The series, following rookie agent Jason Blaine (not the magician), hasn’t been the most critically well-received thing in the world, but if you like 24, you might enjoy The Rookie.  Today, we’ll take a look at the first three webisodes in The Rookie: Day 3.

Episode 1: Salazar Returns

Jason, our teen-stached rookie, is on a seemingly routine mission with his older, more seasoned partner Alton.  They are in Mexico City and Alton’s scheduled to meet with an informant that might have information about Esteban Salazar.  You may remember the Salazar Brothers from 24 – Esteban’s the brother who we didn’t know existed until now.  He wants to return his family’s drug business to glory.  Anyway, Alton leaves Jason in the car alone while he goes to meet this informant, but there is no informant!  It’s Esteban himself, with a bunch of henchman.  They punch Alton in the face and kidnap him.  Before Jason realizes what has happened, Salazar and his men are gone.

Episode 2: Treason

We pick up with Jason having no trace of Salazar or Alton.  He doesn’t know where to look, and neither does his CTU-esque team back home.  Alton is being interrogated – they want to know who his informant is.  That’s what the Salazar’s are after.  Jason and the his CTU point-woman Kate figure out that Salazar is after Alton’s informant: Javier Medina.  Medina and Alton talked on the phone a couple days earlier, and Salazar intercepted the call.  However, the only way he could’ve intercepted the call was if he got codes from the CTU team – there’s a traitor in the house.  Meanwhile, Jason is given coordinates for Medina via his cell phone – he’s in an open air cafe in the middle of the city.  Salazar get Medina’s name out of Alton. Jason has Kate send a tech team to meet him at the cafe, with some ammunitions.  Salazar’s men go to find Medina too.  Oh, and Medina is a member of the Mexican congress. 

Episode 3: Cross-Hairs

Jason arrives at the Plaza and enters the van of the tech/extraction team.  They have ammunitions ready and will be bale to extract the target to Langley or Gitmo.  Salazar calls his mole – the weaselly tech guy back at the faux CTU.  He eventually is able to get Salazar’s location when Kate gets up from her station, but others on the team become suspicious of him.  Meanwhile, Alton manages to escape from the basement of the nightclub where he’s being held after a fight with a henchman.  Now, Salazar has Medina’s location.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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