It’s been an unbelievable month for Prison Break fans!   We’ve already given you the goods on the last Prison Break of sweeps, ‘Wash’, which airs February 26th. Now brace yourself as we align with the giants of the spoiler world to bring you an exclusive peek at how Prison Break will kick off March. You won’t believe what the Prison Break team has in mind.


The first Prison Break of March is titled ‘Sweet Caroline’ and is the continuation of Michael, Linc, and companies Chicago adventure. Wondering if Michael will ever meet up with the evil President Reynolds? Wonder no more, this is the episode where Michael finally gets some face time with the woman out to destroy him and his brother at any expense.

Prison Break fans are used to leads getting captured from time to time, but be prepared for a major character to go down for some hard time. That character is Sara. Yup, Sara is going to get caught by Mahone and will definitely not be breathing any fresh air for a while. In fact, looking ahead to the Prison Break season finale, expect a lot of major revelations to come out about Sara as she goes to trial. The evidence they fought so hard to get? Thoroughly debunked and of no use to anyone.

Another Prison Break fan favorite is going to have a shocking turn in Sweet Caroline when C-Note makes good on his deal with Mahone and delivers Lincoln! Don’t expect Lincoln to be captured though, two in one show is just sort of incomprehensible, and maybe, just maybe, Sara has something to do with him alluding capture.

With the gang widdled down to just T-Bag and C-Note (hmmm I sense a pattern) still on the loose, sort of, can we expect anybody else to go down before the end of the season? One reliable source says that T-Bag is going to make his way south of the border but may see some action in a bloody close call. 

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