Last week, Aria’s brother began existing once again, just in time to upset Ella’s upcoming travel plans. And while Aria dealt with family drama, Emily and Spencer were too busy getting into a big blowout to stop Hanna from being arrested for trying to dispose of the gun her mother may have used to kill Wilden. During this week’s episode, “Under the Gun,” Hanna faces more trouble from the police, while viewers get their first glimpse of Caleb’s future home as Spencer and Toby visit the creepy town of Ravenswood. Read on to find out what the Pretty Little Liars writers have in store for us this week.

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‘A’ is the Destroyer of Everything

Hanna is questioned by Lieutenant Tanner and learns that she could face up to seven years in prison for carrying a concealed weapon, and that is without the other charges they could file against her. Tanner tells Hanna that two bullets are missing from the gun and the police are running tests to see if the gun Hanna was burying is the one that killed Wilden.

Hanna’s parents get her out on bail, but Hanna’s father is not impressed that she stole his gun. Hanna explains that she did not take his gun, she merely found it in Ashley’s things. Hanna’s dad confronts Ashley, and Ashley admits to taking his gun for protection but says she did not bring the gun into their home and she did not kill Wilden. Ashley is convinced someone is setting her up, and Hanna knows this to be true but cannot say anything because ‘A’ threatens to turn over evidence against both of her parents if Hanna so much as breathes a word about the frame-up.

Things get much worse for the Marin family when Lieutenant Tanner arrives at their home to arrest Ashley for Wilden’s murder. The gun is a match for the one that killed Wilden and Ashley’s fingerprints are on the bullets. We all share in Hanna’s horror and devastation as Ashley is taken away in handcuffs and Hanna’s dad is left to parent her in Ashley’s absence. Will Hanna and Ashley be sharing a jail cell in the near future? Will the Liars find a way to prove that Ashley did not kill Wilden? Will we ever learn who actually did the deed?

Emily Goes After Shana, ‘A’ Targets Em

Emily and Spencer’s brief truce after their argument is ruined when Mona returns — admit it, we all missed Mona and her crazy fabulousness — and reveals that Toby stole her RV for ‘A’ and Spencer kept it a secret. But Emily has other worries than holding onto her anger against Spencer, as Shana is now enrolled at Rosewood and taking Emily’s spot on the swim team. Emily decides that she can kill two Tippis with one stone by using the dash-cam footage of Jenna and Shana with Wilden to cause Shana problems and give the cops a suspect other than a Marin woman.

Emily tries to drop off the footage anonymously, but her face is too perfect to be ignored and she is spotted at the station. Yet the video that winds up in Tanner’s hands is not the dash-cam footage but a video of someone wearing an Emily mask, holding up a sign that points to Emily as Wilden’s murderer. (Melissa could have told Emily that face masks will come back to haunt you.) When did ‘A’ have time to switch the footage and has ‘A’ been doing other things with all those Emily masks?

Do the Writers Dislike Aria?

This can be the only explanation for why Aria gets thrown into yet another subplot that has nothing to do with the main mysteries when she offers to help one of Mike’s friends with a paper. When Connor-the-Horrible — as I shall be calling him from here on out — makes a move on Aria and is rejected, he retaliates by telling a locker room full of teenage boys that he got busy with Aria during their tutoring session. Aria goes to confront Connor-the-Horrible and he throws her rumored affair with Fitz in her face, something that Fitz overhears. Fitz tries to talk to Aria about what happened, but Aria asks him to leave her alone, breaking the hearts of Ezria fans everywhere.  

At first, Mike — who has been visible for two whole weeks now — proves he knows nothing about his sister by buying into Connor’s lies but eventually shows that he is one of the non-horrible males by apologizing to Aria and telling her that he will make up for his awful behavior. That is a nice thought, but if Mike is the one who busts up Connor’s car at the end of the episode, I imagine his gesture of brotherly revenge will come back to haunt both Montgomery siblings.

Welcome to Ravenswood

Spencer tries to redeem herself in her friends’ eyes by finding out more information on who Ali was talking to during her summer in Cape May. Spencer calls the sorority house and tracks Mrs. Grunwald to Ravenswood, the location of the upcoming Caleb-helmed spin-off. Spencer and Toby head to Ravenswood, also known as the creepy town where the residents spy on or ignore outsiders and congregate near statues in the middle of the day.

Spencer finally locates the mysterious Mrs. G, but the cagey broad claims no knowledge of Alison. Spencer’s super-sleuth senses tell her that Mrs. G is lying and she wonders if someone else got to Mrs. G before they did. That suspicion comes courtesy of Shana, who Spencer spots at the creepy gathering in Ravenswood. Spencer and Toby try to follow Shana but are assaulted by a dead raven before they can catch up. Did someone summon the raven to block Spencer and Toby’s chase or did the raven simply want a closer look at Spencer’s stunning coat?

Is Spencer right about Shana’s reasons for being in Ravenswood or does Shana have ties to the town? Why is Mrs. G so tight-lipped about her connection to Ali and what is up with Ravenswood’s fixation with graveyards?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Is Shana working with Mrs. G? Did Mike defend Aria’s honor by going after Connor’s car? Is Caleb being slowly pushed out of Hanna’s life so we will not miss him as much when he leaves for his new home? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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