Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars starts in the aftermath of Lucas’ dramatic turn. Hanna defended herself from his murderous intent out on the lake, but in so doing she may have killed him by knocking him overboard. We know that Lucas was merely a peon in A’s bigger plan, but it will be interesting to see how the show’s villain will react to this latest development.

A Isn’t Happy

It didn’t take long for A to announce their displeasure with what happened to Lucas. It’s still a mystery as to what happened or where Lucas is, but it’s crystal clear that Hanna is going to pay for it. Her day at school starts with a discussion with Mona, where she subtly gives the alibi of why Noel and she were in the lake at the time of the attack. However, Hanna is too distracted to give her friend attention. She retreats into a bathroom stall, where A is free to send a foreboding message in the bathroom sink: a row boat.

Another Lead Points to Jenna

Spencer went on an investigation to Philadelphia to follow up on a receipt she found in the lake house’s attic. She noticed a number of blind people around the newsstand where the receipt proved to be a dead end. However, a lead develops when Spencer visits a nearby school for the blind, where a knowledgeable student fills her in on all that he knows about Jenna’s time at the school. The proximity of the newsstand to the school where Jenna was makes it entirely plausible that she was the one who left the receipt in the attic.

Really Defined Footprints…

Wind has an unbelievable knack for blowing open doors at the absolute most suspenseful times. Think back over your life at all the times that wind has blown open doors in your house; now think about how every one of those times it enabled a sadistic psycho to sneak in and kill you. It’s uncanny! Every time! Anyhoo, it happens to Hanna after she leaves a message for Caleb, who’s out searching for Lucas. But he needn’t look any longer because Lucas winds up face-to-face with Hanna.

Once again, Aria’s lovelorn stares at Ezra seem like a complete time waste filling out this episode. Holden appears to want to engage in a symbiotic relationship that will enable the two of them to keep things from their parents, but again it’s worth asking if Aria and Ezra really should be together? The conclusion of the episode lacked some of the pizazz of the previous offerings of this season.

Lucas confessed to losing Caleb’s money gambling on basketball; hardly the bombshell that viewers were expecting from the Lucas saga. A’s parting shot was to swap the girls’ Chinese food with some earthworms. I guess his or her strategy has just shifted to trying to take down Hanna and the rest through queasiness. After that, A just figured it was a good time to do some handy work loosening up bolts.

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