Previously on Pretty Little Liars, Mona dropped knowledge bombs all over the place. She revealed that she met Leslie during her stay in Radley; and Leslie knows both Bethany and Charles, who were in Radley too. I guess it’s true when they say “all roads lead to Radley.” But it appears Leslie Stone may just be a dead end, or a cul-de-sac at the very least. 

The liars have convened to map out their next steps toward catching ‘A’. Spencer is convinced that Leslie is ‘A’. And it’s not like the time when she thought ‘A’ was Melissa or Toby or Ezra or Mrs. DiLaurentis or Andrew or Becca from AP History. Leslie has a motive –Leslie thinks they killed Bethany. But we all know it was Melissa who buried Bethany alive.

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The Thirst is Real

This season of Pretty Little Liars seems hell-bent on trying to create new romantic relationships for the liars, or at least letting us know those relationships could happen if the girls weren’t trying to escape their deaths every week.

Aria is sneaking the negatives she stole in the previous episode back into Clark’s cubby. He catches her and assumes she’s feeling self-conscious about maybe being in some of the frames. He ends up asking her out for bagels. I’m pretty sure this is the second time he’s asked her out for bagels, and this is the second time she’s turned him down. I still don’t trust this guy. There is something very “Cousin Nate” about him, and I have a feeling he is going to end up dead in a darkroom by the end of 6A. From now on, I will call him “Cousin Clark.”

Dean shows up at Spencer’s house to scold her about missing the Narcotics Anonymous meeting. She had told him earlier in the day that Principal Hackett wanted her to write a speech about her journey out of the darkness, overcoming all of the tragedy she has been through while still maintaining her grades and becoming valedictorian. Spencer told Dean she felt like that was something she couldn’t do because it’s a lie. She’s still living in a world where ‘A’ exists. (Side note: I can’t read the word ‘exists’ without hearing Amanda Clarke doing the opening voiceover to Revenge. I miss that show.)

Anyway, Dean is mad and thinks Spencer may have fallen off the wagon again. She’s really just been snooping for info on Leslie Stone. But Spencer lies and says she decided to write that speech after all. He becomes irrationally upset. He talks to her like he’s her mother, which confuses her because parents are just a myth in Rosewood. He literally tells her that he thought she was dead in a ditch! You’d think she had a heroin addiction instead of just downing a few caffeine pills here and there the way he is reacting.

He tells her that he can’t see her anymore. She tries to apologize, and he cuts her off by saying he can’t see her because every time he is near her he wants to grab her and kiss her. Officer Toby be damned! Dean-Bear don’t care. She takes a step back and doesn’t give in to temptation — for the first time ever.  


Hanna and Spencer go sleuthing to dig up the dirt on Leslie Stone. They end up at Onamazu Sushi in Philly where Hanna is trying to con the valet into giving her Leslie’s car. Hanna claims she lost her ticket to pick up the car. The attendant asks her if she checked her pockets. She pretty much gives herself a pat down and even shows her bra to prove she doesn’t have the ticket. She can’t tell him what the keys look like or even what make and model the car is, but she describes it — down to the scent of cinnamon rolls. She’s thrown the line and he’s taken the bait. He finds the keys and pulls the car around. There’s a lesson to be learned here, ladies. You can have anything you want, anything you desire; all you have to do is compliment a man and sell yourself short. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a nice Victoria’s Secret collection.

Hanna and Spencer rifle through Leslie’s Range Rover for clues. They find a box of eyeglasses — the better to see you with, my dear. Hanna puts on a pair and says it actually makes her eyesight better. Spencer grabs them and tries them on. She realizes they’re not prescription. Leslie just wants to fit in at the local coffeehouse and farmers market. They move to the back of the car and open up the liftgate. What’s in the trunk? It’s just four unassembled animal cages large enough to hold a liar in each!

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd

Aria and Emily are back at the junkyard. They want to see if ‘A’ left anything behind after Aria’s last encounter. Cousin Clark shows up because he is a stalker. He offers to help Aria look for her “missing tripod.” Emily receives a text from Ezra that some girl is waiting for her at The Brew. Cousin Clark says that Emily can leave; he’ll take Aria home — if her home was a murder cabin. Aria stumbles across a doll that seems out of place. She picks it up and flips it over only to reveal a pink-striped-hair replica of her 14-year-old face. 

You Must Be New to The Brew

Emily rushes into The Brew and finds Ezra talking to a pretty brunette. Her name is Nicole. Emily and Nicole built houses together in Haiti, but she has been in England for the past eight months. Ezra takes this time to consult his True Crime Novel: The Sequel notes and fill Nicole in on what Emily has been going through with the trial and kidnapping. It seems like a lot of new characters are just being thrown at us, but I’m glad the writers give us some kind of backstory as to how all of these new characters fit in to the Liars’ lives because we know they didn’t meet them at school. 

Nicole is trying to get the band back together and wants Emily to join her philanthropic team in Thailand. It will be an eight-week excursion starting in the middle of June. Emily says yes because she sees it as an opportunity to get the hell out of Rosewood and away from ‘A’. Good answer, Em.

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That’s Aria’s Storyline

Emily comes home to find Sara Harvey frantically trying to remove a stain from the carpet. She asks what happened as Sara is freaking out. She says she was riding her bike when she turned down a street. She felt like she was being followed. There was a car behind her that sped up. The car’s side-view mirror ended up slamming into her elbow and throwing her off her bike. Emily pulls up a picture on her phone and asks if it was the car that hit her. It’s a picture of Leslie’s Range Rover. Sara positively identifies the vehicle.

Emily tries to convince Sara to go to Thailand with her, but Sara refuses. She says her mom would never let her leave the country — which I find irrelevant considering she was just emancipated. 

If Sara isn’t going to Thailand, then Emily isn’t going to Thailand. She finds Nicole to break the news, and Nicole says, “That’s unfortunate; you’ll always be known as the girl who didn’t go to Thailand.” The rest is still unwritten…

“Bitch Chipped Us!”

The girls are at Leslie’s lab. They are flipping through files when something sets a metal detector whirring. Spencer realizes that if she holds Hanna’s head just right, it triggers the detector. The girls have been microchipped. That’s how ‘A’ has been able to track them. The lab is full of animals, including a rat and a cameo from #DeadRaccoonTO. I’m assuming it was his last television appearance before his untimely demise. Suddenly, the lights go off in the lab. When they come back on, Mona is standing there. 

The liars immediately accuse Mona of working for ‘A’. She says she is only there to save the girls from themselves. They tell Mona that Leslie is out to get them because she thinks they killed Bethany. Mona lets them in on a secret — that Leslie hated Bethany and that she isn’t pretending to be Charles either. Leslie is just pretending to be stable. Leslie didn’t even really know Charles. She only heard his name once, and that was the night that he and Bethany both escaped — the never-ending night that Ali didn’t die. This is another knowledge bomb dropped by Mona because Charles was supposed to already be dead by that point.

Spencer doesn’t believe it. She shows Mona his file that proves he was an organ donor. Mona tells them there was no way Charles could have donated a liver just by looking at the medications he was on. So, basically, Leslie is kind of irrelevant to the entire Charles is ‘A’ theory. Everyone’s head simultaneously explodes.

Charles Likes to Party

Mr. DiLaurentis knows more than we think. He is frantically making phone calls, asking about patients and crossing names off a list. Mr. D. received a card and is freaking out. He is seen digging up Charles’ grave. That’s not the freaky part, though; everyone digs up graves in Rosewood. The freaky part is the birthday card. It says:

“Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. Just you.



Quick Hits

  • Caleb and Hanna make up through emotionally-detached hooking-up.
  • Emily finds Sara sleeping and decides to see if she’s microchipped as well. Sara takes this as an invitation to make out, and Emily RSVP’s.
  • Alison is nowhere to be found in this episode.

There are only three episodes left until the summer finale and Charles is revealed. Sound off in the comments with your theories.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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