Season 2 of True Blood is full of new characters and new romances.  Some relationships like the one between Bill and Sookie are evolving while others are starting out fresh, like Hoyt and Jessica’s unexpected fang-sucking session on the couch,

But where will these relationships go?  Last season proved quite traumatic, with Jason’s girlfriend dying and Arlene’s fiancé being the serial killer.  Let’s examine six of the primary relationships and try to predict where they will go this season.

Tara and Eggs: I don’t trust this guy.  It’s not that he has a severe criminal past or that he’s under Maryann’s spell, he just seems too good to be true for Tara, and when that means he probably is.  Sadly Tara’s past makes it likely that she will continue to go back to Eggs, no matter how many times she tries to stop herself, but in the end, I believe Eggs will prove more dangerous than we first thought.  Is Maryann controlling him, or is he even more powerful than her?

Sam and Daphne: For nearly three whole episodes, Daphne seemed to be a wasted character, bumbling around and screwing up.  Then we saw the giant scratches on her back, identical to the ones the bull/man creature left on Sookie’s back.  I’m not sure what her connection to the creature is, or if she’s good or bad, but three simple scratches managed to make her an infinitely more interesting characters.  I doubt she’s flirting with Sam just because he’s cute, but I’m also beginning to suspect she might be on the side of good.

Hoyt and Jessica: This could be the sweetest relationship ever, and it gives True Blood the perfect opportunity to explore the themes of first love of teen abstinence in a light but sensitive way.  I also think Jessica having someone to love will help her to start making the right decisions.

Jason and Sarah: I refuse to believe this storyline will turn out as simply as the reverend’s wife offering Jason her delicious banana pudding.  There’s something not right about the Jesus Camp, and given the satiric way religion has been portrayed so far, I can only assume creator Alan Ball is using the Ted Haggard example for a man of God who secretly does crystal meth with gay prostitutes.  Only here, his wife lures men like Jason into her web for Reverend Steve Newlin to enjoy while taking V.

Terry and Arlene: She’s a single lady raising two kids with a serial killer for an ex-fiance, and he’s a slightly disturbed war veteran with a penchant for sniffing Arlene’s hair when she’s not looking.  They haven’t paired up yet, but they will, and unless one of them turns out to be some type of demon or monster, one of them will have to die to keep them interesting.

Bill and Sookie: They don’t want to be one of those couples that’s always fighting and getting back together, but they’ve had more fights than episodes this season and are still together.  However, it’s a very interesting dynamic because, after dating for such a short time, they now have a kid, a teenager no less, and Jessica is a brilliant way to enhance this relationship by bringing a child into it without having to work around the science of a dead man being unable to father a baby.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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