Death, death, death, death, death.  A lot of characters will meet their demise on tonight’s episode of Harper’s Island, but we’re still wondering who the killer could be.  Even though a living and breathing John Wakefield has been discovered to exist, there’s still doubt that he’s alone on his murderous rampage.

On “Splash,” the remaining guests continue to seek solace from the killings while Abby (Elaine Cassidy) deals with her father’s death.  With Sheriff Mills (Jim Beaver) literally dragged out of the picture, there are more questions plaguing his daughter.

Abby decides to confront John Wakefield about her past, asking him about the connections he has with her mother.  We still don’t have a clear idea of why he wants her dead, or what Wakefield really wants with her at all.

Meanwhile, the news of another guest’s doom has shocked the survivors.  Staying true to the title of the episode, the victim is found in a bathtub.  It’s said that everyone goes emotional because of it – could it be a local or a foreigner who passed away?

Also on this installment of Harper’s Island, a guest goes missing.  There’s speculation that it could be Chloe (Cameron Richardson), since she’s the one worried about the whereabouts of her boyfriend Cal (Adam Campbell) and Sully (Matt Barr).

As for the preview clip of “Splash,” the mystery just gets deeper.  The last episode showed us two riveting twists.  The first was that Wakefield is alive, and that he spared the life of Jimmy (CJ Thomason) who supposedly exploded to bits at the marina.  Abby’s old flame is getting more suspicious by the minute, especially since the video finishes off with Jimmy’s mugshot.

The clip also shows Henry (Christopher Gorham) wondering how one guy could be responsible for all the deaths on the island.  Is it possible that Jimmy isn’t the friendly fisherman everyone thinks he is?  Catch the teaser for “Splash” below.

Don’t miss the thrilling new episode of Harper’s Island tonight, June 27, at 9pm on CBS.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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