When The Walking Dead aired its season 6 winter finale, “Start to Finish,” our survivors were in quite a bit of trouble. In order to survive from a horde of zombies, the group covered themselves in disgusting guts to sneak by undisturbed. The fate of everyone has been left in question, until The Walking Dead returns to finish season 6. Now that the winter premiere is almost upon us, Robert Kirkman has some details about what that episode will reveal.

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In an interview with EW, Robert Kirkman tried to joke (and I use that word very loosely) about the situation. Initially he said that the events of the winter finale wouldn’t be fully explained and revisited until seven episodes into the 6B.  It’s a pretty insensitive, unfunny and dumb thing to say, considering the controversy that “killing off” Glenn caused in the middle of 6A. It’s not surprising though. Robert Kirkman is many times, sensitive it’s really one of them.

In any case, Kirkman quickly amended his statement saying that the premiere, which airs on February 14, will pick up right where the show ended. It’ll be a wonderfully gory Valentine’s Day celebration for us all. Kirkman obviously didn’t say who will live or die from that moment, but things “will get worse”. 

Interestingly though, this does not mean the end of Alexandria as a home base for The Walking Dead crew. Kirkman compared the zombies overrunning the community to the demise of the prison. Specifically how The Walking Dead won’t do the same to Alexandria as they did to the prison. The survivors won’t abandon their new home and go searching for new shelter. Instead they will try to find a way to rebuild and live in Alexandria despite the fallout from this new attack. This should be a nice change of pace from the typical The Walking Dead monotonous cycle of searching, shelter and attack.

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AMC has also released new keyart for the season 6 premiere. Things are looking rather hopeful, maybe. 

But what do you think? Is this change welcome in The Walking Dead? Do you want to see the survivors and the show stay in Alexandria? Would you rather them move on? Who do you think will survive this latest zombie attack?

The Walking Dead season 6 returns February 14, 2016 on AMC.

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