One of the most fascinating aspects of Supergirl are the villains. During the TCA Winter Press Tour, critics visited the Supergirl sets to talk to the show’s producers and cast. They used the opportunity to tease some upcoming storylines and introduce new villains visiting National City.

Winn’s Past Revealed

Kara’s good friend and co-worker seems as normal as they come, but that view changes on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 10, “Childish Things.” Winn’s story becomes much more complicated when Winslow Schott, Sr (Henry Czerny) shows up as the Toyman, according to Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg.

Jeremy Jordan previews Winn’s past, “We’ll see that there’s been some pretty crappy things that have happened to him in his past that have probably sort of almost stunted him, in a way, and so he has to learn how to get past them before he can kind of move forward to have any sort of meaningful relationship with anybody, whether it’s friendship or more.”

Winn will be seen in a new light, “He’s very much the hero of that story too,” Executive Producer Ali Adler said.

Kara Returns to Krypton

In Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13, “For the Girl Who has Everything,” Kara finds herself back on her home world of Krypton. According to Kreisberg, the episode is based on For the Man Who Has Everything by Alan Moore. 

“We’re doing an adaptation of that comic book, but with Kara. We just finished filming it and it is– it’s the Black Mercy, it’s Kara wakes up and she’s back on Krypton and has no idea how or why she got there,” Kreisberg said.

“And it’s one of the things I’m sort of the most excited about having done, because it seemed like such a pipe dream when we were having these early conversations, but now it’s part of the show.”

Laura Vandervoort as Indigo

“On set, we’re so proud and excited to welcome in the role of Indigo, Laura Vandervoort, who had the role of Supergirl in Smallville, and we’re just so excited to have her here on these stages,” Adler said.

Vandervoort joins the show on a recurring basis and her first appearance will be in Supergirl‘s “For the Girl Who has Everything.”

Master Jailer and Coolest Fight! 

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14 is directed by by Lexi Alexander.  Kreisberg previews the hour, “The villain is Master Jailer (Jeff Branson), who’s another DC Comics mainstay who we’re putting a twist on. … It’s got one of the coolest–  Lexi and John Medlen, who’s our stunt supervisor, they design one of the coolest fights we’ve ever done on the show.  One word:  chains.”

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm ET on CBS.

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