What makes a good cop? Someone you feel safe around? Someone who cares? Someone who thinks five steps ahead? From sitcom sheriffs to crime drama detectives, television is the home to some truly impressive boys (and girls) in blue who truly embody these traits. It’s always great when we get to see a cop on TV who goes above and beyond the line of duty. From Criminal Minds to The Flash, certain officers continue to impress us and exemplify everything we want a cop to be. Here are five of our favorite cops on TV.

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Special Agent Derek Morgan, Criminal Minds

Good cop Derek morgan.jpg The former Special Agent for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit is a keen observer of the human condition. No cop is more tuned in to the behaviors and patterns of criminals (and even civilians) than Agent Morgan. As he puts it, “I know more about you than you know about yourself.” A good cop can anticipate the actions of a criminal before the criminal themselves, and that’s what Derek does best.

Agent Seeley Booth, Bones

Good cop Seeley Booth.jpg Booth may not be a perfect person, but his police work is definitely respectable. He approaches crime-solving very earnestly and much less scientifically than Brennan and her team. Booth is a cop who cares. He emotionally invests in his cases, almost to a fault. While this can be risky, Booth’s interpersonal skills make him stand out as one of the most passionate officers at the Jeffersonian.

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Detective Erin Lindsay, Chicago PD

Good cop Erin Lindsay.jpg Detective Lindsay is easily one of coolest cops on TV. She carries herself with no struggle as “one of the boys,” and is quick to put people in their place. Lindsay continues to face adversity at every corner in both her professional and personal lives. Despite all she’s going through, Lindsay’s work as a cop never waivers. A cop has to be decisive and think quickly, two traits Lindsay is well-known for. She trusts her gut and has no room for self-doubt.

Detective Joe West, The Flash

Good cop Joe West.jpg In a world with super-powered heroes, being a cop isn’t as impressive. Unless of course you’re Joe West, one of the hardest-working detectives out there. Joe is a cop who cares deeply about people and goes the extra mile to protect them. The most noteworthy instance of this trait is his relationship with Barry, who he took in as his own at such a young age. He has a strong moral code that he lives each day by. Every trait Joe has is exactly what we want in an officer — he’s strong, caring, protective and compassionate.

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Lieutenant Olivia Benson, Law & Order

good copn Olivia Benson.jpg As far as badass cops go, you can’t do better than Olivia Benson. In this line of work, you’re usually hated by most people, which can be tough on anyone. Unless you’re Olivia Benson. She couldn’t care less if you like her or not. She’s a resourceful detective who stops at nothing to put bad guys away. A survivor of sexual assault, Olivia Benson fights hard to change the way people see rape victims, but also to ensure that they are given justice.

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