The Colony Season 2 premiere “Eleven.Thirteen” finally provides some answers and backstory. We finally get to see the Hosts arrive. So what happened during the Arrival? How did so many important people disappear? How did Snyder get his new job? And how did Charlie get separated from his parents?

Will’s Last Case

The Colony Season 2 premiere “Eleven.Thirteen” starts with a flashback from before the arrival. All of Will and Katie’s kids, including Charlie, are home, and Will’s still with the FBI. He’s been distant for days, though. He tells Katie he’s having problems with his partner Devin because he thinks she’s dirty. Katie promises they’ll figure it out. Then Devin shows up at the door and she and Will head out to work. That was the day of the arrival.

Will and Devin end up talking about their lives in a diner. He flat out asks how she got the money to buy her new place in Santa Monica. He knows how much they make, so he knows she can’t afford it. She says she has a rich uncle, but he doesn’t believe her. Then he tells her that he requested a transfer. She gets really defensive and says she’s not dirty.

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But Will and Devin get called in. Seven VIPs went missing in the L.A. area overnight. They need to find them and bring them home. So Will and Devin have to work together.

Will and Devin start searching for one of the missing people and they’re super chilly to each other. Will says he’s doing her a favor by not ratting her out, but she’s pissed. They show up at a house and notice a bullet hole in the door, so they break in and find a dead woman on the floor. They find a security camera, though, and start talking to whoever’s watching on the other side. Turns out, the missing VIP they were looking for has been hiding in a panic room.

The VIP, who’s an engineer, explains that “they” found his housekeeper first. He hid in his panic room until “they” left. But what kind of engineer needs a panic room? He says he’s on a list of about 1200 people. In the event of a catastrophe they all get sequestered. If society ends, they’re the ones who reboot it.

Broussard Comes Home

Meanwhile, Katie drives Charlie somewhere, but their map stops working and they hit traffic.

Broussard also returns home to his mom’s place after what seems like a while. It was an “unplanned trip.” He sees the aide he hired and asks how his mom is. She takes him to see her and she’s really sick. It’s clear how much they care about each other, though. Pictures of him in his military uniform are on the walls.

After she drops Charlie off, Katie opens the bar. Broussard comes in, but the TV isn’t working. They know each other already and he explains that he’s home and making some life changes. He asks why she owns a bar. She needs “purpose,” because her mom was a mother and wife, but she wanted her kids to see her as more than that. He tells her he signed up for the military when he was 19 expecting he’d bring justice to a place that needed it. He did his tours and then the private sector came calling, but he never found any answers.

Broussard gets an urgent call and leaves, but he leaves Katie his address and tells her if she ever needs anything to look him up. So now we know how Katie and Broussard got to know each other and started working together.

How Snyder Got His New Job

Snyder is still working as the provost of Stanford. He shows up to work to find two agents from “the institute of global advancement” in his office. Their clients – the Hosts – have an algorithm that chose him for a new job. We, of course, know that’s the Proxy Governor. They know everything about his life, including the fact that he’s been stealing money from the university. They tell him he can change his future if he says yes to meeting their client.

So the agents take Snyder to some remote location and he sees the Hosts for the first time. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Now Snyder has to make a choice: Should he take the job? He will. First, though, he goes to see his ex-wife and daughter. He barges in and tells his ex-wife to leave L.A. and says he needs to take their daughter away. They’ve had an ugly split and Snyder just barged in making no sense, so they obviously don’t react well. Snyder won’t explain what’s happening, but he says he can only take one person. The Hosts can only sequester so many people. So he has the agents take his daughter and leave his ex behind. Now we know why his daughter hates him.

Snyder later meets the Helena, who tells him it’s their job to make sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. “It’s a brave new world, Alan, and you’re about to be the most powerful man in Hollywood,” she says. Then he and some other chosen people go into hiding.

What Happened During The Arrival?

Will goes back to the office with the VIP, and the office is in complete chaos. All these people are missing. Will knows something’s wrong so calls Katie and tells her to pick up the kids and meet him at the bar. Something’s happening. So Katie starts picking up the kids and calls Maddie and tells her to meet them. She’s upset because her husband’s on a plane and they all think they’re under some kind of attack, but she says she’ll meet them.

Back at the office, Devin says they need to get out. Will doesn’t want to abandon their work, but she leaves him. Suddenly, while Katie’s driving with Grace and while Will’s working, there are some weird noises and quakes and all the cars stop working. Something strange is happening.

Katie and Grace go on foot to Bram’s school and go to get him. The power’s out, but they know it’s something bigger than that. The next step is to get Charlie. He’s two miles away and the cars aren’t working, but they’ll figure it out. But Grace is terrified and starts crying, so Katie decides to bring them to the bar to meet Will first.

Will comes to the bar and meets Katie, Grace and Bram. Maddie’s still not there. And since everything lost power, Maddie’s husband’s flight is probably in trouble. Katie also couldn’t get to Charlie, so Will says he’ll use a bike to get Charlie.

Meanwhile, Broussard goes back home and starts stocking up on all his weapons. Later, he and a bunch of military guys are all told to go to a house. Broussard realizes it’s a trap and that they need to get out. His friend says that anyone who wants to attack them will have a world of pain waiting for them, but Broussard leaves. As he walks down the street, there are all these explosions and the house is completely destroyed.

Katie and the kids hide in the bar while they listen to all of these explosions. Suddenly, someone knocks frantically at the door. It’s Maddie and her son. Katie lets her in and sees the chaos. People are running and screaming and there are droids everywhere.

Broussard goes home and his mom goes into cardiac arrest from the shock of the attack. He tries to revive her, but he can’t.

At the same time, Will’s outside when he sees the walls of the Bloc somehow form around him. He’s trapped. It’s too late and can’t get to Charlie.

Will Devin Help Will?

Colony finally flashes forward to the present. Will made it to the Santa Monica Bloc. He asks people about his son Charlie and says Charlie works for some guy named Solomon, but they attack him and beat him up.

Katie, meanwhile, goes to visit Bram in prison. Maddie pulled some strings so Katie could see him, but she can’t get Bram out. And Will can’t help because he’s in Santa Monica.

Will then tries to break into a house, but someone threatens him with a gun. It’s Devin! He says he needs her help. Now the question is: Will she?

Do you think Devin will help? Will Will find Charlie? And what will happen to Bram?

Colony airs on Thursday nights at 10/9 c. on USA.

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