The mole is going to be a big problem for the team in NCIS: Los Angeles‘ “Hot Water,” which also features the return of Under Secretary Duggan, who’s back to get Hetty’s resignation since the 90 days are up.

Also in the episode, planted evidence leads to the arrests of Callen, Sam, Deeks and Granger.

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Watch the promo for “Hot Water” to see how the team is being targeted:

Check out a sneak peek of Duggan’s return:

Duggan’s in town to oversee Hetty’s departure from NCIS, since the 90 days are up. “So you’re just here to see heads roll even if they’re the wrong heads?” Kensi asks him. But Hetty’s a woman of her word. In the meantime, Granger’s going to be in charge until Duggan finds a suitable permanent replacement, so where is he? Duggan’s not going to find out from Hetty or Kensi.

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Watch Sam find himself in trouble:

Just as Sam finds roofies in the garbage, Callen tells him that Deeks was arrested at LAPD; it seems that IA picked him up when he was looking for Granger after new evidence was found in his cold case. And then it just gets worse when the DEA shows up.

While Callen hides behind a tree and watches from a distance, DEA Agent Sanchez has Sam open up his trunk — and there’s a body and drugs inside. Something is wrong, Sam insists, because why would a federal agent go to a crime scene with a corpse and cocaine in his car? Still, Sam’s weapon is taken and he’s put in handcuffs.

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