The time between seasons is the perfect time to look back and forward, and at a press mingle BuddyTV attended between seasons 3 and 4, that’s exactly what Orphan Black stars Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Dylan Bruce did.

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Watch the video interview with Jordan Gavaris:

Here are a few highlights:

  • “The new thing about season 4 is that I think we’ve got a feeling akin to what the train platform was in season 1, what that meant to the characters, what it meant to Sarah, not really knowing who the threat is.”
  • “We don’t know what Neolution is. … We don’t know who the players are. We don’t really know where the top is or where the bottom is, we just know it’s dangerous and it’s going to be very interesting to learn how Sarah fits in to all of that because I think it’s important the audience is reminded just why Sarah is ruffling feathers to begin with, what’s she doing.”
  • Gavaris would like to see something more substantial in terms of an arc and character development for Felix.
  • “I’m interested in telling a story about a gay man and what he’s going through as an artist, as a gay man, as a lonely, single gay man. I want to reveal what I know about loneliness. … I think that I can tell that [story] within the parameters of where season 4 is going.”

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Watch the video interview with Maria Doyle Kennedy and Dylan Bruce:

Here are a few highlights:

  • Bruce called Paul’s death “a lovely end for that character” and spoke about his final days on set.
  • Though Mrs. S always felt like Sarah and Felix were her children because she raised them, now there’s a new layer to her relationship with Sarah because Sarah’s basically her aunt by blood. Kennedy called that story “mind-blowing.”
  • Kennedy doesn’t know if she’ll sing again on the show. It made sense at the time for her character, so it would have to be “right” for it to happen again.
  • “They were so conflicted. They had been so estranged for years. She blames her mother so much for bad stuff that’s happened,” Kennedy said of Mrs. S’ relationship with her mother. “In a way, their relationship, I think, mirrors the relationship with Mrs. S and Sarah quite a lot in terms of their battling against each other and rebellion and dysfunction.”

Orphan Black will return to BBC America for season 4 in spring 2016.

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