Date Of Birth

September 25, 1964


Born in 1964, Maria Doyle Kennedy is a singer and an actress from Ireland, United Kingdom. She made quite an impact with her performance in the films The Commitments and The General, and has also achieved success in the small screen with her work on the Oliver Twist, (British version) and Hide and Seek. As a singer, Kennedy recorded two albums with the musical group, The Black Velvet Band, and in 2001, came out as a solo artist with the album, Stars Above. She then, she has released 10 more albums.

Kennedy, however, is most famous for playing Queen Katherine of Aragon in the award winning Showtime series The Tudors. She also stars on Orphan Black as Mrs. S.

Place of Birth

Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland

Birth Name

Maria Josephine Doyle



Fun Facts

-She’s been married to Kieran Kennedy since 1988 and has four children with him.
-She was a member of the Black Velvet Band.


IFTA Best Actress award 2008.
Two Meteor award nominations.
(best Female singer)
(best Music Album)


2013 Orphan Black (TV series)
2012 Byzantium
2012 After the Triumph of Your Birth
2012 Titanic (TV mini-series)
2011 Downton Abbey (TV series)
2011 Albert Nobbs
2011 Corp & Anam (TV series)
2010 Dexter (TV series)
2007-2010 The Tudors (TV series)
2010 (She Owns) Every Thing (short)
2006 Sorted (TV series)
2006 Hide & Seek (TV series)
2005 Tara Road
2004 Spin the Bottle
2003 Mystics
2003 Thursday the 12th (TV movie)
2002 Home for Christmas (TV movie)
2002 No Tears (TV mini-series)
2001 J.J. Biker
2000 The Fitz (TV series)
2000 Queer as Folk 2 (TV movie)
1999-2000 Queer as Folk (TV series)
1999 Oliver Twist (TV mini-series)
1999 DDU (TV series)
1999 Miss Julie
1999 Gregory’s Two Girls
1999 I Could Read the Sky
1998 The General
1998 Father Ted (TV series)
1997 The MatchMaker
1997 The Break
1996 Moll Flanders
1995 Nothing Personal
1991 The Commitments




5′ 6″ (1.68 m)


“Things are going further away from that certainly. I think its more like a confidence gene that’s more difficult if you’re a girl. Its like if you’re doing something really simple like a sound-check, and you’re having problems, if you’re not happy with your sound you cross the line much more quickly than a guy would into being awkward as opposed to being an artist or a perfectionist. Women are often expected to be more amiable or more pleasing or more submissive than men generally. I think one theme in a lot of the songs is that they’re about self: Happiness by Lisa Germano, Joyful Girl by Ani DiFranco, she’s really explaining why she does it or what music does for her, a statement of self-strength or independence. But you can do it yourself. You can really make your own music.”