On this episode of The Originals, “The Other Girl in New Orleans,” Klaus searches for Cami, Aya orders Marcel to betray the Mikaelsons, Elijah interrogates Tristan, and Aurora’s jealousy becomes her undoing.

If only Cami had taken the stairs after escaping from Lucien’s. You would think she’d have had a greater sense of urgency, making waiting for the elevator unwise. But she didn’t, and now she’s in Aurora’s hands who is both unstable and very jealous.

Exes and Ohs

Aurora takes Cami to Marcel’s fighting gym, where Aurora introduces herself as Klaus’ long-lost love. Having been in Lucien’s clutches for the past 48 hours, Cami’s missed a few developments. Aurora tells Cami she and Klaus are having a bit of a lover’s quarrel, but Aurora has devised a way for her and Klaus to resolve their differences.

Aurora feeds her blood to the vampire wannabees training at the church/fight club. Then she kills them. When they awaken, they’ll be in transition, and Cami will make an excellent “Happy Meal.” That is unless Klaus releases Tristan.

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Elijah Interrogates Tristan

Speaking of Tristan, Freya and Elijah are trying to find out the coordinates of Rebekah’s location. Freya has cast a spell to keep Tristan from using his vamp speed to escape and injected him with herbs to counteract the vervain in his system. Unfortunately, Tristan has discovered a way to prevent himself from being compelled, so Elijah and Freya have to figure out some other way to make him talk.

When all else fails, torture is always a reliable fallback. Elijah calls on Hayley for some help in that department. Tristan can either die a slow painful death from a wolf bite, or he can give up the coordinates. Tristan isn’t ready to give up after a nip from Hayley, he’s convinced The Strix will arrive to rescue him long before her venom does him in.

Friends with Benefits

Klaus finally catches a break in his search for Cami. Lucien’s building has security cameras, and he discovers that Aurora is definitely responsible for Cami’s disappearance. Klaus is pissed, and Lucien warns him not to act in haste. Klaus isn’t concerned that his mentally unstable love interest might be setting a trap. Lucien reminds Klaus the prophesy warns that each of the Mikaelsons will fall: one by foe, one by friend and one by family. What is Aurora if not a friend? A friend with benefits.

Klaus is determined to get Cami back, so in the interest of self-preservation, Lucien insists on tagging along on the rescue mission.

The two search the Quarter, but Lucien spends more time yapping than looking. He cannot understand why Klaus is so concerned about Cami. Klaus reveals he trust Cami, much more so than Lucien.

Klaus spots a painting he gave to Camille (talk about finding a needle in a haystack) and there is a clue directing him to St. Anne’s on the back. Lucien continues to try to convince Klaus to not walk into Aurora’s trap. He suggests Klaus let Cami die. In doing so, all of Klaus’ secrets and vulnerabilities with go with her. Tired of Lucien’s unsolicited advice, Nik snaps his neck.

Jealousy Breeds Contempt

Klaus can’t get there soon enough, because Aurora and Cami aren’t exactly getting on. Aurora has tried her best to convince Cami Klaus doesn’t care for her, but Cami points out that Aurora is the one teaming with insecurities. Cami suspects Aurora may doubt Klaus’ love for her, especially since she’s obviously batshit crazy. This observation causes Aurora to lose her temper and start knocking Cami around a bit.

The Strix Call Upon Marcel

Aya has learned about Davina’s current predicament and confronts Marcel about what role he might have played in the ex-Regent’s shunning. Apparently, Davina is no longer of any use to The Strix now that she has lost her access to the witch ancestors.

Marcel makes it clear he is no friend to the covens in the city. Aya warns him that it would be unwise to cross The Strix, especially since he and his meager band of vamps have just started to reap the rewards of Marcel’s relationship with the ancient organization. Insubordination will not be tolerated.

Aya has a task for Marcel. She wants Marcel to go to the Mikaelson home and put a stake in Elijah. It’s a weapon similar to the one she used to take down Beks. After Marcel takes E out of the equation, The Strix will be able to rescue Tristan. If Marcel succeeds, he will have proved his loyalty, but if he fails, his membership will be revoked, and he will die.

Marcel Defies Elijah

Between Hayley’s bite, and Freya’s mojo, Tristan’s resistance is wearing down. Elijah is able to infiltrate his mind, and while E doesn’t find the information he’s looking for, He does see a word/name, Cepheus. Before Elijah can find out what it means, they are interrupted by Marcel.

Marcel announces he’s there on behalf of The Strix, and he’s not leaving without Tristan. Marcel points out that Tristan has proven to be immune to Elijah’s mind games, and if he dies from the wolf venom, they’ll never find Rebekah. If Elijah lets Marcel take Tristan, he’ll be in tighter with The Strix and Tristan. He can find out where Rebekah is and keep the group from declaring war on the Quarter. Elijah refuses Marcel’s offer.

When asking nicely fails, Marcel reveals he brought back up. He brought along a few of his new brethren and that nasty little stake. Aya stabs Freya while Elijah does battle with her cohorts and Marcel.

Hayley hears the commotion across the street and rushes to Elijah’s aid. But Elijah, distracted by her arrival, gets stabbed in the back by Marcel, leaving Hayley to deal with the remaining Strix on her own. Marcel may have betrayed Elijah, but he’s not about to let Hayley die, so he rips the heart out of her attackers and takes off to help Freya. He feeds her his blood and warns her that her brother will wake up very pissed at him, but she needs to remind Elijah who his friends are

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Out with the Old

Aurora is more interested in playing mind games than rendering Cami unconscious, so she demands Cami admit her darkest shame. If Aurora suspects Cami is being less than truthful, Aurora will react unpleasantly.

Cami recalls a time in college when a friend was beaten up by her boyfriend. The woman refused to go to the police. One night Cami saw the guy in a bar and beat him severely. Aurora realizes Cami isn’t ashamed of her actions, she’s ashamed that she liked it. Cami studies psychology to gain a better understanding of her own dark impulses. Aurora sees why Nik is so taken with Cami, but her own burgeoning respect for the blonde is overshadowed by her jealousy.

Klaus arrives and demands that Aurora stop playing games, but Aurora is just trying to pave the way for their happily ever after. If they could just get past Tristan’s imprisonment, Elijah’s meddling and that damn prophesy. Oh, and Klaus affection for Cami is a really big obstacle.

Klaus swears he harbors no deep affection for Cami and manages to convince Aurora to leave Cami unconscious but alive. There’s just one problem. By the time Cami comes to, the men Aurora killed are starting to wake up, and they are hungry.

Outside the church, Aurora continues to insist that there’s no other woman for Klaus but her. He claims whatever was between them is over, but she disagrees. Aurora says one day Klaus will thank her for killing his “little human pet.”

Aurora really overplayed her hand. The old Klaus is back, and he makes it clear that Aurora will suffer for what she’s done until the sweet recollections she has of Klaus will be by the dull realization that she means nothing to him. He accesses her mind and gets the coordinates of Beks’ whereabouts.

Klaus hears Cami struggling in the church and returns to find her getting an overzealous hickey from one of the gym rats. He saves her and then the two share a very affectionate embrace. This is not going to sit well with the ex.

Friend, Family and Foes

Elijah and Freya are recovered and dealing with the aftermath of the attack. Marcel left behind the stake, and Freya says the weapon is coated in enough black magic to take down an Original. Elijah is predictably upset with Marcel, but Hayley points out Marcel didn’t use the stake, and he saved both her life and Freya’s. But E’s more a glass half empty kind of guy. Tristan is free, and he’s still seeing flashes that indicate the prophesy is coming to fruition. 

Marcel’s plan pays off. Tristan decides to bring him further into the fold. Marcel quickly finds out that Cepheus is a cargo jet. Cepheus departed Marrakesh to Miami the night Rebekah was taken. That info, along with the coordinates Klaus extracted from Aurora should help Klaus and Elijah find their beloved sister. One they have her, there will be nothing stopping them from killing Aurora and her brother.

Remember how Freya vanquished Finn from Vincent’s body? Well, he’s back, sort of. Oh, what fresh hell is this?

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9pm on The CW.

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