“If you miss it, you’ll hate yourself forever.” That’s how Kevin Hanchard described the Orphan Black season 4 finale when BuddyTV talked to the actor earlier this week.

Read on for the second part of our interview, in which Hanchard talks about Delphine’s return, Art being “all in” and more.

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BuddyTV: The questions have started about Duko’s absence, and Art’s playing it as cool as he can, but am I right to assume that given that Mrs. S killed him, they’ll never find a body? There are only so many bodies they can bury in the Hendrixes’ garage.

Kevin Hanchard: “The concrete is only so deep in the Hendrixes’ garage. Who knows, right? I think Mrs. S is pretty resourceful and I think there’ll be a disposal that is worthy of Duko’s heinousness, but I think covering tracks is what S does well, so who knows? Who knows? But if you’re asking Kevin, I think that might be the last we’ll see of Duko for sure.”

So that’s one less thing for Art to worry about. In episode 9, we see that Detective Collier is working for Evie, and when Art arrests Roxie, he comments that he’s interested in seeing who springs her. But at this point, as Art tells Kendra, he’s not sure who he can trust. Is this a wise move or just his only move? I’m kind of worried that Art’s just putting himself in a position to get killed.

“Right, and Duko sent him that ominous message when Art beat him up in the police precinct. He says, ‘Listen man, they’re watching you. They’re on you. They know what you did. They know that you put the cell phone in Maggie Chen’s hand. You got kids, and you got a wife and you got all these other things, and they know about it, and you are on the radar.’ That’s not lost on Art. He’s all in. It keeps coming back to that.

He’s a big boy, he can take care of himself, but the fact that they know everything about him and who his loved ones are and what not, he definitely has his radar up and he’s got his back up against the wall, and he’s ready for whatever comes down the pike. Or at least so he thinks, so we’ll see what happens, but he knows he’s in for — this isn’t the end of this whole thing. Just because Duko is gone, doesn’t mean this whole thing is over. There’s a whole lot left to deal with at this point.”

A couple episodes back, we found out that Krystal saw Delphine get shot but that she was alive. At the end of episode 9, we see Delphine. Is it a relief to be able to talk about that?

“It’s a relief to be able to talk about it finally, because that’s always been the question, right? Even more so than what’s going on with the clones, will the clones be okay and what not? The question has been, ‘What happened to Delphine?’ Yes, she’s alive, apparently, or so we see for a fleeting moment — or is it a dream? Who knows?

It’s nice to at least see Delphine’s lovely face back on screen. We’ll see how she does or doesn’t play in the storyline moving forward, but it’s nice to finally be able to answer that question and say, yes, she’s going to be back, so that’s a good thing.”

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What can you tease about the season finale in general?

“I can tease that you should watch it because it’s real, real good. There’s some stuff in that finale — I had read the script when I first got it and then I was at the table read when we all sat down as actors and read through it, but then when I watched it, I almost forgot everything because it’s been a few months but also things have changed since we got that first version of it, and it’s gotten better and tighter and more exciting and there’s a whole lot answers that you get but they set up so much more for down the line.

… If you miss it, you’ll hate yourself forever. How that? … That should be the tagline that they use in commercials for the finale. If you miss it, you’ll hate yourself forever.”

Is there a cliffhanger?

“No doubt. What’s an Orphan Black finale without a cliffhanger?”

Looking back on season 4, what moment or moments stand out for Art for you?

“I really loved the entire journey. If I were to pick a couple of moments specifically that stand out, I really loved the scene where Felix gets maced in Art’s apartment. That for me, was just such a fun thing to shoot and I think it’s just a great moment of levity, where you have that shared experience, that shared bond that shows that, as I said before, he’s a part of this family. I enjoyed the general scenes that show he is indeed involved in this conspiracy.

… Overall, as far as this gig is concerned, it’s just sort of being on set and spending time with the cast because we really do enjoy each other’s company. We have a whole lot of fun shooting this show. The crew is exceptional and just the entire team, so once again, if you’re talking to Kevin specifically, the whole experience is just a great gift and it’s a joy to come to work every day.”

Orphan Black season 4 airs Thursdays at 10pm on BBC America.

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