No matter how they shuffle off their mortal coil, there is one thing all Supernatural characters can count on, and that is the impermanence of death.

For fans, this means never having to truly bid farewell to a favorite character. For actors like Misha Collins, this means taking an angel blade to the back one moment and dealing with your resurrection the next. The season 12 finale was a bloody one, but, of the five deaths, Castiel’s will be the one that won’t quite stick. That little tidbit was inadvertently revealed to fans during Italy’s Jus in Bello convention on Saturday.

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Speaking in reference to season 13’s Scooby-Doo crossover, Jared Padalecki (Sam) referenced Cas’ role in the animated episode. 

“We actually already recorded it,” the actor explained. “[It’s] episode 16 of next season, and we already had to do the script and go to a music studio … and we did all the dialogue, Jensen and Misha and I.”

It took Padalecki a moment to realize his slip, and Jensen Ackles (Dean) quickly attempted to cover up the gaffe, attempting to convince fans that an animated version of the Winchester’s wingman would merely be a figment of their imagination.

Ackles and Padalecki needn’t have worried — Collins was also quick to confirm his Supernatural return. 

“I think I’ll be back on Supernatural in season 13,” Collins told fans barely an hour later. 

Exactly what version of Cas fans can expect, however, remains a mystery. 

“I think we will see Cas again, but the question is, what [does] this death [do] to him?” Collins teased. “That is, I think, the one to wonder about. In Supernatural, a character’s death can mark a big transition point for them, and I think what we need to wait and see is how this transforms him.”

In fact, viewers might have to adjust to a different angel entirely. Lucifer’s child — yes, the legitimate spawn of Satan — accidentally opened a tear in the fabric of reality during his birth, a rip that allowed Supernatural to step into an alternate world. Now, there is the possibility that the series could pull a Flash, allowing denizens of Earth-2 to step into our world. 

“I do think you will see a version of him again,” Collins mused. “There’s also this parallel universe in which, possibly, everyone is alive in a different iteration. So, you never know.” 

How well would that twist go over with the Winchesters, or fans for that matter? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Side note: if there’s a parallel Earth bouncing around out there, why couldn’t Chuck (Rob Benedict) have relinquished a corner of his multiverse to Amara (Emily Swallow)? You get an Earth, and you get an Earth! All the deities get an Earth! Or maybe an iteration of him did, and that’s one of the reasons that reality is an apocalyptic wasteland. 

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