With only two episodes left to go in the series, this episode of Gilmore Girls has a lot to cover.

Lorelai and Sookie walk around Stars Hollow discussing a long list of items Lorelai needs to get for a party that Emily’s throwing for Rory’s graduation. Lorelai is impatient for Logan to propose to Rory, because she sucks at keeping secrets. Sookie says that everyone in town has described the karaoke scene to her, which dismays Lorelai.

Luke visits his sister Liz to buy earrings as a graduation present for Rory. Liz also heard about “Lorelai’s karaoke love serenade,” but Luke insists that she was just drunk. Liz says Crazy Carrie told her Lorelai gave Luke “the love look” and talks him into getting a necklace for Lorelai.

Paris and Doyle pack the apartment while discussing a trip to India they’re taking. Rory is excited about graduating and makes them pose for pictures.

At Luke’s diner, Lorelai fends off more questions about the serenade, and says that “it didn’t mean anything” just as Luke arrives on the scene. He’s obviously hurt by this (though Lorelai doesn’t realize it) and is very curt with her. Lorelai thinks he just isn’t interested. Rory calls with “exciting” news, but it’s only that Milan Kundera is speaking at her graduation.

At a Stars Hollow town meeting, Miss Patty and Babette want half the town to come to Rory’s graduation. Lorelai tells them she found out Rory only gets four tickets, so they can’t. Taylor adds this to the agenda, and they end up deciding to re-enact the graduation ceremony in the town square next week during the Gilmore Girls series finale. Er, I mean, at a party Lorelai’s throwing. Also on the town meeting, Kirk asks permission to do a David Blaine-esque performance called “Kirk in a box.” They vote yes, because “you don’t have to look if you don’t want.”

At Emily & Richard’s party, the DAR ladies wish Rory would come back to work for them, and Logan rescues her. Lorelai seems to be worried that she’s going to miss Logan’s proposal. Christopher arrives, and Lorelai tells him about Logan asking her permission. Chris seems a tiny bit put out that Logan didn’t ask him, I think.

Richard and Emily toast Rory…in song. (At this point I think  that maybe Gilmore Girls is ending just in time, before it turns into a musical.) Rory thanks them, and Logan steps up. Lorelai’s thoughts seems to echo my own, which are “oh no…he wouldn’t!” But he does. He proposes to her in front of the whole party. Rory’s response? “Um…wow. Wow, I…wow.” Logan wonders if there’s a “yes” in between the wows, and she only manages to say that she’s “so surprised,” and makes him come talk outside in private.

Rory is upset. Logan (finally) tells her that he got the job and is moving to California, and has grand plans to rent them a house with an avocado tree and everything. Rory seems almost won over, but really isn’t sure she’s ready. He reminisces about when they jumped off the tower. “Let’s do that again. Let’s jump!”

Inside, Emily can’t understand why Rory wouldn’t say yes instantly. After all, “he’s a Huntzberger.”

Rory and Lorelai discuss it in a horse-drawn carriage. Rory wants Lorelai to tell her what to do, but Lorelai refuses, saying it’s Rory’s decision. Rory has pros and cons of both, of course, including that they’re too young, but still can’t figure out what she wants to do.

Kirk In A Box is suspended over the street outside Luke’s. Lorelai is out for a walk, thinking, and Luke comes out so they can have a weird conversation, ostensibly about Rory’s decision but really about themselves and “knowing it’s right.” Luke gives Lorelai the earrings for Rory, but not the necklace. (I can’t believe they’re leaving the Luke and Lorelai thing until the last every episode of Gilmore Girls.)

Rory is alone in the apartment as she spackles and eats cereal, and she tries on the ring and smiles.

Richard and Emily complain to Lorelai about Milan Kundera on the way to see Rory get her diploma. Emily pushes Lorelai for information and tells her she should meddle more. Chris joins Lorelai, Richard and Emily.

Rory and Paris and their friends drink champagne in their graduation robes – Rory hasn’t told any of them about the proposal. (I’m shocked that Lorelai didn’t tell everyone, actually.) Paris worries about whether she should say “thank you” or “thank you so much” when she’s handed her diploma, and Logan waves from the lawn as they file off to get their diplomas.

Logan congratulates Rory, but she cuts off his small talk and says “I’m sorry…I can’t.” She loves him, but there are lots of things in her life that are undecided, and she’s decided she likes that. She’s just not ready to settle down, and likes that her life is “wide open.” She asks if they can try the long distance thing again, but Logan wants all or nothing, and tells her goodbye.

At the apartment moving out the final boxes, Rory tells Lorelai she feels awful and sick about it. But Lorelai thinks Rory made the right decision, and tells her she can have whatever she wants from her life. Rory says it’s wide open, and turns out the light.

Wow, the end of Logan, huh? Next week’s the last episode ever of Gilmore Girls. I have to say, I can’t see how they’re going to end it in a way that works.

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