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The fifth season of One Tree Hill commenced recently, shooting the storyline four years into the future from the end of last season.

The retooling of the show means that when fans tune in to One Tree Hill’s fifth season, they will see their favorite characters leading post-college graduation lives.  As previously reported, the show’s fourth season finale presented a sense of finality, but because of  the unexpected renewal, some of the things that provided a feeling of closure will find a place again in this season’s run.

One of the highlights of One Tree Hill‘s previous season was the pregnancy of Haley James Scott (Bethany Joy Galeotti).  In the season finale, viewers watched as Haley gave birth to her first child, making Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) the proud father of a baby boy named James.

Because of the major change in the story timeline, we were introduced to baby James (who is now known as Jamie) as a smart and mature little boy who is almost five years old.  We were also introduced to Jamie’s beautiful new nanny named Carrie, whose presence will certainly stir up trouble in the Scott household.

Big changes also occurred for Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) through the four years.  He is now a semi-successful writer who is in the process of writing his second book.  Lucas is also become the Tree Hill Ravens’ new coach and serves as a mentor to a troubled 18-year-old named Quentin.

Hilarie Burton told the North Carolina Daily News last summer that she was hoping her character, Peyton Sawyer, will leave her “good girl” side behind and become a more aggressive individual.

“I feel like aggression needs to be a mood that we see from Peyton Sawyer. And those parts are always more fun to play anyway,” she said.

Indeed, we saw last night that Peyton will have to step it up and be more of a go-getter, as she is in the process of starting her own record label in Tree Hill.

Several new characters were also introduced last night.  To name a few, there is a new Ravens player who butts heads with Lucas, a New York book editor who has difficulty balancing her personal and professional life and a manipulative business executive.

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