Laura Prepon has made a name for herself as a television actress, but the 27-year-old star, who currently has a lead role in the ABC drama October Road, is hoping to get some more action behind-the-scenes.

Prepon has actively pursued the art of directing, taking private classes with director Eric Sherman at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She has also directed a short film called Abide with Me, which follows a 10-year-old boy who, upon bearing witness to his father’s murder, is rendered mute. His new neighbors befriend him and “help him to live again.”

The October Road star intends to use the short film as her director’s reel. She’s also planning to direct another story as her first feature film before making Abide with Me into a feature.

“When I step onto [the set of] my first feature film, I really want to make sure I know absolutely everything and communicate to everybody and fully tell my story through the camera,” she said. “It’s awesome. I love it.”

This doesn’t mean, however, that Laura Prepon is ready to say goodbye to her acting career. On the contrary, she said that she loves working on October Road, especially since it’s a very relatable relationship and family drama.

October Road is the first television gig for Prepon since she appeared on That 70’s Show as Donna Pincioti. The 1970s-set comedy series ran from 1998 to 2006 and helped to launch the career of Prepon, as well as her costars Wilmer Valderrama, Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson, Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace.

“It was awesome, but I think we were all totally ready [to move on],” Prepon said, adding that transitioning to the hour-long drama, where she plays a young mother, “was incredible.”

“Every week is like a movie and I’m playing a young mom, so it was a really great next thing,” Laura Prepon said.

October Road airs Monday nights at 10pm on ABC.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Ventura County Star
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