Only a couple of days left before One Tree Hill resumes its seventh (and possibly final) season and gradually, more updates are surfacing about the final four episodes. Understandably, most of the updates are non-spoilery and the cast has been tight-lipped about what’s in store for the season ender but there’s also comfort in knowing that the show is gearing up for something big.
For one thing, good things seem to be in store for Stephen Colletti, who told MTV News that his character Chase Adams was included in One Tree Hill‘s production in Utah, which means he won’t just be working at Tric. “It’s good stuff for me too because it’s a lot of character happenings for me that are actually changing. Chase, who I play on the show, is always behind the bar doing his own thing, and now we kind of get to mix it up a little bit,” he says.

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As reported previously, the cast and crew of One Tree Hill recently filmed in Park City, Utah. “We moved it out there to kind of do a mock film festival, a mock Sundance for one of the character’s storylines,” Colletti says of the season finale. “It’s a lot of good stuff.”

What else might happen? Pregnancy rumors are afoot as One Tree Hill inches closer to its finale and the subject in question is none other than Haley. Though no one on the cast and crew could confirm of deny this, an insider tells Fancast that Haley will play a huge part in the last four episodes of the season and that her portrayer Bethany Joy Galeotti “did a wonderful job with the material.”

Meanwhile, there is still no word yet on the status of One Tree Hill but most media outlets, including TV by the Numbers, have reason to believe that the show is on “far more solid ratings ground” compared to Life Unexpected, which is reportedly going down the wire. ¬†

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