It’s T minus one week before the next episode of House – “Lockdown” – and as she makes her return to Princeton Plainsboro, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jennifer Morrison is “somewhere in the middle” of being in and out of the show. She returns next week, that much is sure, but it’s also being reported that she’ll return next season for a “handful of guest appearances,” so we can’t quite rule out a wholesale return.

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The episode, incidentally, also marks star Hugh Laurie’s directorial debut.

“Contractually, they’ve guaranteed me a certain number of episodes next year – I think three or four,” Morrison has told TV Guide last month. “They’re probably very much leaning toward writing a storyline for the character.”

Also, Morrison’s first big gig after leaving House in September last year – the Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker – wraps up its run today, potentially freeing up her time.

It is, however, not certain yet if Cameron will drop by Princeton Plainsboro on the House finale on May 17. What we’re sure though, as reported by Fancast, is that the writers are doing their best to top last season’s “crazy” finale, if you catch our drift.

Peter Jacobson, who plays Taub, has some teasers: “I can’t reveal too much, and this more of a sports reference, but it’s going to go down to the wire,” he says. “It’s definitely going to be dramatic and traumatic for all involved.”

We need not remind you that EW had previously spoiled that there’s a looming marriage proposal on the finale. We also put two and two together and gathered that a May episode will have House (Laurie) making a decision “between his own needs and his desire for a relationship with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein).” Surely, they wouldn’t dare? Or would they?

Not psyched up yet? House finds himself locked in a room with a patient (David Strathairn) on next week’s episode of House.

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