CBS’ legal drama The Good Wife has been gaining much success since its premiere. But that accomplishment doesn’t come without obstacles, especially when you’re playing the lead role. Actress Julianna Margulies admitted that it’s been a great run so far for her, even though there are roadbumps along the way.

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Talking to AOL TV, the Golden Globe Award-winning star revealed the difficulties she’s encountered playing Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife. The challenge of her role is really what makes her enjoy it, which is why the fans just can’t get enough of the series.

Asked about the immediate positive response to the show, Margulies easily pointed out the concept of The Good Wife. “It’s an adult show that doesn’t condescend to its audience, and I think people really appreciate that,” she explained. “The writing is just so good. I got a cable show; it just happens to be on network.”

But it’s her portrayal of Alicia that won over audiences and critics. “Alicia is probably the hardest role I’ve ever played, because I wouldn’t react the way she reacts to anything,” Marguiles said. “She really knows how to rein it in and how to think before she acts.”

As it was mentioned before, things weren’t always that easy; Julianna Margulies eventually just dealt with it. “Of course [I was] nervous, because I’ve never carried a show like that on my own. But I have such a good support team. I felt very taken care of. It’s the answer to being able to be a mom and stay at home: a television show.”

That doesn’t stop the actress from heading straight to the big screen though. The Good Wife star recently appeared on the film City Island and played another mom, Joyce Rizzo. It’s been her favorite role so far, but we’re betting Alicia Florrick comes close. Still, Juliana Margulies can’t quite agree that she’s similar to either character in real life.

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“I’m so not like either of them, honestly,” she declared. “[…] I’m probably more like Joyce in just the way that I’m more reactionary and emotional. But dear Lord, if I was like Joyce, I wouldn’t blame my husband. I don’t think I’m much like either of them.”

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