This week One Tree Hill is all about guilt, and no one feels it more than Julian. Last week he almost killed his infant son Davis by leaving him in the car in the boiling sun. But he’s not the only one with something to feel guilty about. Clay lies to Quinn about his drug problem, Mouth starts to feel bad about being so damn far and Chase has crazy hot monkey sex (10 times in one night) with the absolute worst possible woman. Then there’s Dan, who always seems to have a guilty look on his face.

Julian’s Guilt

Luckily Davis survived being locked in the car for a short while, but the effects of forgetting about your son and almost killing him are vast. Julian spends the whole episode in a daze, blaming himself and trying to recreate the conditions by cranking up the heat in the car. Brooke has trouble trusting him as well, but a quick pep talk from Haley about this one time she almost killed Jamie makes everything better. The moral of the story? Every parent almost kills their kid once.

Clay Flies Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Clay’s drug dealer is a very bad man, as exhibited by his promise to kill AND burn Quinn if she bothers him again. The only problem is that he hasn’t met Dan Scott.

Yes, when Dan overhears that Clay has a drug problem, he finds the drug dealer and promises to murder him if he ever messes with Dan’s family again. This punk drug dealer must not know who Dan Scott is, because he’s not nearly as scared as he should be.

Next up on Dan Scott’s list is Clay, so he finds him on the beach and proceeds to perform another ocean drowning/baptism. Only Clay reveals that he doesn’t remember buying drugs at all and he didn’t want to scare Quinn.

Clay’s sleeping problems are apparently related to a possible split personality, and when he goes to see his shrink (the one who helped him through seeing his dead wife), Clay is talked into committing himself.

Chase’s Guilt

A hung over Chase wakes up to find a super sexy lady with him (played by Colletti’s real-life girlfriend, Chelsea Kane). He only knows her as Not Alex and Chris Keller, master perv that he is, wants all the juicy details. One detail he might not want to learn is that Chase’s new sex buddy is Chris Keller’s girlfriend, Tara. Tara also happens to be the owner of the rival diner across the street from Karen’s Cafe, so Chase just hit the jackpot of terrible companions. Even after learning this, he still can’t resist getting busy with the smoking hot chick.

Mouth’s Guilt

Skills is back in town and he’s quite frank about Mouth’s newfound fatness. This honest from a close friend helps Big Mouth see the light, so he starts his road to health by ordering a salad. That was easy enough to fix.

Where Is Nathan?

In the big cliffhanger of the week, Nathan is supposed to come home from his European scouting trip, only he never makes it back. All we see is the pink moose be bought for Lydia abandoned on the sidewalk at the airport.

Was Nathan kidnapped? Does Dan Scott, who seems awfully confident he’d get to stay in the Scott house, have something to do with it? Is One Tree Hill ripping off the plot of that Jodie Foster movie where her daughter went missing on a plane and everyone acted like she never existed in the first place? Only time will tell.

Next week on One Tree Hill: The search for Nathan Scott begins. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well.

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