On tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, Robin is feeling slightly alone since she’s rollin’ without a job or a boyfriend.  She looks to Lily for a little girl time, but she’s busy with work and Marshall, who never seems to leave them alone when they’re trying to have a conversation.  Robin tries to talk in code but Marshall is all too familiar with girl speak. Barney tries to get Ted a job designing the new Goliath National Bank building, instead of rival architect firm, Sven.  All Ted wants is to contribute a building to the New York skyline so this is a huge opportunity for him, should be able to land the job.

Lily ends up inviting Robin out for a birthday outing for coworker.  When they arrive at their destination, Giddy Ups, Lily is horrified to find out that her coworker, Jillian, is a “woo girl”.  A “woo girl” is one who uttes, “Wooo!” at every little thing from songs on a jukebox to half priced shots to remembering to feed her cat.  When Lily texts Marshall to let him know she’s stuck at a bar with a bunch of “woo girls”, Barney drops everything to run down there and pick one up.

Ted makes his pitch for the new GND building and felt good about it, until Barney delivers the bad news later that night that Sven got the job over him.  Marshall helps him feel better by taking him to the old GNB building so that they could pee on it a little bit.  Lily is angered when she catches a glimpse of Robin riding down the street in a limo… woo-ing.  How dare she?  It seems Robin has been pulled into being one of the “woo girls” with Jillian.  At work, Marshall finds out that their boss wanted to hire Ted but Barney was won over by Sven’s presentation, who dreamed up a building in the shape of a dinosaur.  Marshall calls off all future conference calls, which are really just hangout sessions on the roof drinking beer, and locks him on the roof as punishment for screwing over a friend.

Lily heads to Giddy Up and tries to fit in as a “woo girl” but finds that fitting in is a lot harder than she thought.  Robin tells her that she doesn’t belong there because she has everything that she could want and therefore, doesn’t need to “woo” over every little thing.  Robin promises that she’ll come to Lily whenever she needs something and Lily promises to try to keep Marshall out of their girl time as often as possible.  Barney fires Sven and heads to the bar to find Ted and tell him that he now has the job.  When Marshall confesses the real reason Ted didn’t get the job, the guys tie Barney to the mechanical bull and head home.  Well played…

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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