Fans of the Lucas and Peyton relationship on One Tree Hill are probably loving season 6 of the series.  After numerous stops and starts and on-again, off-again shenanigans, Lucas and Peyton have finally settled down and gotten engaged.  Peyton may be going through an unspecified health crisis at the moment, but that doesn’t seem like it’ll be enough to derail their eventual wedded bliss.  Lucas and Peyton, or Leyton as the fans call them, are having a stellar year.

While Leyton fans rejoice over the happy couple, those hoping for an eventual reunion between Lucas and Brooke anxiously stand by and twiddle their thumbs.  Brucas fans have yet to give up hope that the couple may one day end up together, but in a recent interview with Zap2It, One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn basically crushed the idea.  It seems that another Brucas storyline is highly unlikely at this point in the show’s run.

In the interview, Schwahn addressed whether the Brooke-Lucas-Peyton love triangle is over for good.  “I would say that right now, I’m most compelled to see who Lucas and Peyton are going to try to be as a couple,” he said.  “I don’t want to ignore that huge Brucas fan base, I think it’s dangerous to ignore them, but while they may feel under served right now, I think if they’re fans of both of those characters, hopefully they’re still invested in their journeys.  A lot of them are just fans of them together romantically, and I understand that they feel a little let down when we choose other paths for the characters, but ultimately, I really doubt that we’ll go back to Brooke and Lucas.  Although, you know, you never say never on this show.”

That “never say never” aside, it really does sound like we’ve seen the last of Brucas.  I must admit that this offends me a bit, only because it feels like Schwahn gave fans false hope by allowing Brooke and Lucas to share so many intimate moments in season 5.  It now seems like those moments were inserted not to start anything real between the couple, but to set up the season-ending “who will Lucas choose?” cliffhanger.  Brooke and Lucas never really had a chance.

This news may feel like a knife to the heart of Brucas fans, but overall I think it’s a good move for One Tree Hill.  I’m sick to death of love triangles involving Lucas, so I’m happy he’s finally going to settle down with someone for a while.  I think it’ll be interesting to see Schwahn explore Leyton as a couple, though I hope it doesn’t seem too much like a Naley rehash.  Haven’t they already dealt with all the interesting problems that come with long-term romance?

Is this a good move for OTH, or do Brucas deserve another shot?  Sound off below.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Zap2It
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