This week’s Once Upon a Time promises us some answers to Zelena’s story and why she is out to get Regina. Now, both are magical. Both know Rumple. So how does he figure into the story? And will Cora return to the story? It’s going to be interesting as wicked and evil start their battle.

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Oz and the Forest

As the show starts, a baby falls out of the wormhole into Oz and into the midst of a mother who wants a child. (Where have I seen this before? Superman!) The child’s magic scares the husband, but the mom decides to raise her and we’re off to Oz.

All grown up, Zelena is shaving her father and accidentally cuts him. (What is this fixation she has with shaving?) He calls her wicked and admits she’s not his daughter. Zelena heads out to find the Wizard.

As Zelena enters, he tells her he’s been expecting her questions about Cora. Cora wanted a royal child and that isn’t Zelena. Abandoing her, a cyclone brings her to Oz. (Why not say tornado?) Oz shows her Regina, who becomes queen but has trouble with magic. Rumple also is added to the mix and Zelena wants Rumple to teach her.

Oz gives her slippers that will take her to any place she wants to go. She clicks her heels three times and ends up in Regina’s bedroom, where Rumple finds her. He’s surprised to learn that Cora had another daughter and didn’t tell him.

Rumple and Zelena talk about the curse that Cora’s daughter must cast. He tests Zelena. Blindfolding Zelena, she must find him. Use your emotion (please no). Oh, jealous are you, Zelena? This causes her to find Rumple. Sharing abandonment, she feels wanted because he will train her.

Zelena goes to Rumple’s castle and he’s not happy finding her there. Getting mad when she learns he’s training Regina, she begins to turn green. Did Rumple cause it or her magical feelings?

At the palace, Zelena holds a knife to Regina’s neck only to find Rumple. Zelena has planned to kill Regina to prove she’s more powerful. Rumple’s made his choice — Regina — because Zelena would have to give him up. Rumple won’t allow that and considers her dangerous. Zelena does the cackle we all associate with the Wicked Witch. She warns him he can’t defeat her. The slippers are the only way she can die. As she turns green, she uses our Rumple word — “Dearie” — and disappears.

In Oz, Zelena uses magic to see Oz who turns out to be Walsh, a mere mortal who collects magical things. He peddles what is real. Having no use for Oz/Walsh, she sees a poster of a flying monkey and turns him into one. She is going to change the past and creates a wormhole to watch Regina’s training.

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Storybrooke (The OK Corral)

At Neal’s funeral, everyone is grieving. Yes, they did recover his body, folks. As they shovel dirt in the grave, Emma gets encouragement from Hook. Captain Swan lives. Meanwhile, Zelena talks about Neal’s death as Rumple mourns.

At the wake, Emma wants revenge, but Hook tells her no. Wow, she just zinged him with our eyeliner joke. Hook offers to help Henry understand his father and Emma agrees.

Tink sees Robin’s tattoo and mentions it to Regina. As Tink reminds Regina to be open to love, Robin comes up and Regina makes the introductions. Zelena walks in on this scene carrying what looks to be a green wand. She wants to discuss family with Regina and reveals that they are sisters. Zelena sets a showdown for sundown in the town square. Regina tells her that they’re not in the wild west, but Zelena calls it the wicked west.

After Zelena leaves, Regina rushes out to find the truth with Emma and Snow close behind. Regina has kept a letter from Rumple to Cora. The letter talks about Cora’s daughter. Regina thought it was about her but now knows it is about Zelena. We know that Cora never was nice to Regina, who tells Emma and Snow she must handle Zelena.

Charming has a plan, but the others are worried. Emma finally buys a clue and knows they must get Rumple’s dagger. Going to the cottage, Belle goes down to free Rumple, but she can’t. I do believe they share a kiss before Zelena appears and orders Rumple to use magic on Belle. He tells Belle to run and she does. I knew Rumple couldn’t harm her. He waits until Belle gets up the stairs to let it fly.

In the woods, Robin finds Regina rereading the letter. He steals it out of her pocket and she lets him read it. Regina must have feelings for him because she admits to Robin she doesn’t think she’s powerful enough to defeat Zelena.

At the showdown, Zelena is dressed as a witch. When Regina doesn’t get there fast enough, she orders Rumple to zap Emma, who goes down but not out. Regina shows up just as Zelena calls her a coward. Let’s just say their fight takes out the clock tower. When Zelena thinks she’s won, she admits she doesn’t plan to kill Regina. She wants her heart to cast a spell. Oh, she can’t get it. Regina’s not Cora’s daughter for nothing. Zelena leaves on her broom.

In the woods, Robin helps Regina retrieve her heart. She gives him the job of protecting it and he reminds her that she owes him a drink. I think true love is surfacing for the two of them.

Hook takes Henry to a ship in the harbor to keep him safe during the showdown. He talks about Neal and Henry realizes that people are keeping things from him. Returning him to Emma, Hook tells her that Henry needs Regina and they can’t return to New York.

In Rumple’s cell, Zelena throws a temper tantrum. He tells her that if she gets the curse, it won’t change anything because he would always choose Regina. Zelena isn’t casting a curse but creating a second chance.

Next week, Hook’s pirate life comes into play and Zelena wants something from him. 

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