Emma is going to become the Dark Swan in Once Upon a Time season 5 – and that’s because she stepped in in the season 4 finale to save Regina. So what does that mean for Regina? BuddyTV was at San Diego Comic-Con to find out from Lana Parrilla.

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Watch the video interview with Lana Parrilla:

Here are the highlights:

  • She thinks Regina is “nervous more than anything, just because she’s concerned for Emma.”
  • “We don’t know what’s going to happen, and Regina is very experienced when it comes to sort of crossing over into the dark side and committing evil acts,” and so she’s worried about what that will do to Emma and that she “may never return back to her true self.”
  • “I think she’s just worried and worried for everyone, not just Henry. She’s concerned for everyone because once you’re the Dark One, everyone’s doomed.”
  • “I think Regina’s going to become the savior this year and the hero.” This season is about her exploring what that means.
  • As for Henry being the Author, since they need a new magical quill, that’s not necessarily something that is going to be explored right away.
  • With the primary focus being Emma, Zelena has become “like an afterthought” for Regina, especially since she’s locked up in a cell with people watching her.
  • Parrilla would love to see Regina and Zelena have a heart-to-heart and talk about everything, but she doesn’t know if Zelena is “redeemable.”

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Once Upon a Time season 5 premieres Sunday, September 27 at 8pm on ABC.

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