Is Neal dead? The residents of Storybrooke had a funeral and mourned his death. This is Once Upon a Time, is dead ever really dead? Yes. Remember the beloved Sheriff? He died and was only seen again in flashbacks. 

In “A Curious Thing,” Neal made an appearance in a flashback coming out of his father’s body to take Rumple’s memory potion and send it with a note to Hook. As one of his final actions, he gave Emma back her family.

At Wondercon, Executive Producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis talked about how Gold doesn’t like being Zelena’s prisoner and he’s not going to handle Neal’s death well when he gets out from under Zelena’s control.

Horowitz said, “Gold’s got some peculating anger that we’ll see unleashed.”

When asked if Neal is definitively dead, Kitsis answered, “Yeah. We buried him. I know it’s heartbreaking to us. We miss him. We’ll see him again. They always live on in flashbacks and in our hearts. If you’re a fan of Neal and/or Baefire, you will see them both again. Yes.”

Check out a video of their responses

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