Once Upon a Time has three episodes left before its season 3 finale. As we move to the finale, here are the 10 things that still need to get done.

1. Zelena Needs to Go

Hopefully a little girl by the name of Dorothy does this soon. She has been nothing more than one big nuisance since she flew into the Enchanted Forest. Just who does she think she is? Regina is evil and we don’t need a wicked to take her place.

2. The Neverland Crew Needs to Find a Way to Free Rumple from Zelena’s Clutches

He isn’t completely under her spell as we found out recently and the light of Emma’s goodness should do the trick but she’ll need help. The dagger should be taken from Zelena’s greedy, green palms and given into Belle’s custody permanently. Personally, I think that that it would make a great series finale for Rumple’s curse to be broken by the love of Belle.

3. Regina and Robin Need to Start a Relationship

Right now, Regina is working without a heart but she has found love. She needs to let that love grow by allowing Robin to keep her heart (metaphorically speaking). He’s a hunk that loves her and we know from Tink’s vision showed that he is her soul mate. Plus Robin seems to have won Henry over and his daring fits right in with the Neverland crew. Do it executives!

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4. Regina Needs to Resume Her Role as Mayor

Let her run the government again so witches won’t appear and underage drivers aren’t encouraged by Charming. Henry’s a good kid who needs his mothers in control. Regina should order Charming to stand down and Emma should enforce it as sheriff.

5. Emma and Regina Need to Establish Mutual Grounds as Mothers to Henry

Both can share the joy of mothering and just look what he learns. He learns that good and evil are in the world and that you must have an understanding of this to exist. Plus Henry loves both of them and we’ve seen that their love for Henry can bring a family together.

6. Emma and Regina Need to a Good Working Relationship

When Regina works with Emma, she develops a good side. Emma, on the other hand, gets to have some fun. They’re a good team when it takes both evil and good to defeat foes.

7. Zelena Needs to Get Her Just Rewards

She needs to feel the pain that results when all your plans lie in ruin at your feet. She thinks she has the upper hand, but her greediness makes her vulnerable.

8. All the Flying Monkeys Need to Revert to Their Original Form

I would love to see how Aurora and Phillip in Storybrooke and confused. Also, when the curse is lifted, those who died (Walsh) should return to the land of the living.

9. Hook Needs to Have His Curse Broken

If we are to have Captain Swan, they must kiss. Hook provides the bad boy that makes Emma needs to break out of her shell. They do have magic together.

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10. Emma Needs a Love Interest

If it isn’t going to be Captain Swan, then bring back Walsh. When Zelena gets her just deserts, he could come back in his true “Wizard” form and prove to Emma that he loves her for more than a curse. Better yet, bring August (as an adult) or Graham back. Both of them love Emma.

That concludes my list of 10 things that need to be done as the season draws to a close. What’s on your list? Comment below. 

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC. 

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Linda Martindale

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV