In tonight’s season 3 premiere of Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) and the D.P.D. deal with a devastating loss as they each tackle new challenges.

An Explosive 4th

Things go a little crazy for the Domestic Protection Division on Independence Day. The day starts out well enough, with Annie bringing in cupcakes — Danielle’s, not hers — to celebrate. Unfortunately, Annie gets a note to meet someone outside of Langley. That someone is Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and shortly after telling Annie that things are not what they seem, Jai is killed in a car bomb.


Jai’s death means big changes for our agents. Arthur (Peter Gallagher) asks Auggie (Christopher Gorham) to take over Jai’s leadership of the Office of Special Projects (O.S.P.) and search for any information on what may have led to Jai’s murder. Annie arrives at the D.P.D. to help with the investigation, only to learn that she has been reassigned. Luckily, her new boss, Lena (Sarah Clarke), seems pretty cool. The ladies drink and bond over surviving bombings before Lena gives Annie her latest mission: get close to a man named Simon Fisher, a born-and-bred Russian spy. Lena lets Annie design her own approach for the op and Annie stages a meet-cute with Fisher in Morocco.

On Her Own

Annie manages to impress Simon and they agree to meet up again later. After being tailed by two professionals, it becomes obvious that Annie’s new job comes with just as many downsides as perks. She has more freedom in the field, but she also lacks the team support she had at the D.P.D. Yet that lack of back-up does not keep our girl down, as she dodges the tails and continues to get close to Simon on their impromptu picnic. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by a massive sand-storm, but that gives the two the opportunity to really get to know one another. (I must say, I am not a fan of seduction missions, though I can certainly see why they are so effective.)

A Season-Long Case?

After surviving the sand-storm, Simon takes Annie back to his place, where she accesses his files for later use. While Simon is in the shower, Annie discovers passports for the agents who tailed her earlier. Luckily, Simon seems clueless about her discovery and invites her into his shower, which gives the audience a nice view of his tattoo. Back at the O.S.P., Auggie asks his agents to look into the deaths of the two German ‘tourists’ and gets a box of files with the very same symbol from Simon’s tattoo. As most viewers probably predicted, Annie’s new assignment traces back to Jai’s work at the O.S.P. and will presumably lead to the reveal of why he was killed, something that will unfold over the rest of the season.

Were you surprised by Jai’s death? How do you think Annie and Auggie will fare in their new jobs? Are you interested in the mysteries and questions set up by tonight’s premiere or are you still too devastated by Jai’s demise? After all, no one rocked a suit like the late Mr. Wilcox.

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