The day after the Survivor: China finale, we posted a rumored cast list for the upcoming sixteenth season of Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites.  It turns out, we were right on the money.  CBS officially announced their cast list today for Survivor: Micronesia (as it’s also being called) and the ten all-stars we revealed a couple weeks back will indeed return for some more Survivor action, this time pitted against a group of ten super fans, who were also revealed today. 

The All-Stars

Amanda Kimmel – China
James Clement – China
Jon Dalton – Pearl Islands
Jonathan Penner – Cook Islands
Ozzy Lusth – Cook Isles
Parvati Shallow – Cook Islands
Ami Cusack – Vanuatu
Eliza Orlins – Vanuatu
Cirie Fields – Panama
Yau Man Chan – Fiji


Michael Bortone – 34 year old writer/actor from Los Angeles
Tracy Hughes-Wolf – 43 year old commercial builder from Virginia
Joel Anderson – A big, 32 year old firefighter
Kathleen Sleckman – 45 year old golf course vendor
Erik Reichenbach – 22 year old ice cream scooper from Michigan with ridiculous hair
Mary Sartain – 29 year old small business owner, also possible owner of fake breasts
Chet Welch – 48 year old beauty pageant coach who has the perfect first name for his profession
Natalie Bolton – 32 year old personal trainer from LA
Jason Siska – 22 year old student teacher
Alexis Jones – 24 year old motivational speaker

The Fans look interesting enough from that picture, except for the ice cream scooper kid, whose hair kind of bothers me.  Why grow a ridiculous mane like that?  Doesn’t something like that itch?  Anyway, I’m more excited to have Yau-Man, James and Fairplay back into the mix.  If James and Yau decide to align, it would immediately become the greatest alliance Survivor has ever known. 

Survivor: Micronesia premieres Thursday, February 7. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Entertainment Weekly
(Image Courtesy of CBS)

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV