On NYC Prep, PC is one of the most popular kids in the Upper East Side. He’s wealthy and attractive (though not exactly my type) and has clearly put himself on the pedestal of the prep school scene. And since money, women and life’s spoils are all he’s ever known, he often comes across jaded and egotistical. However, NYC Prep executive producer Lenid Rolov says that PC is the kind of person who might just grow on you.

“I first met PC at our production offices in NY during a final round of casting. When PC arrived, he noticed I had a half eaten sandwich on my desk and opted not to shake my hand so that he could eliminate any chance of germ transmission. I immediately had two prevailing thoughts… that he would be great television and that I would detest him immensely during the process. I was wrong about one of these two things. In the first few weeks following PC around with a camera crew, I realized that even though he comes from an incredibly privileged family, has traveled the world, and is both handsome and popular… he is not immune to the same fervent insecurity I had at that age,” Rolov wrote on his blog on Bravo.

So far, viewers have only seen two episodes of NYC Prep and PC has already been earning quite a bad reputation. In the second episode alone, he seemed to be burning too many bridges after he insulted Kelli and Jessie.

“PC goes on an intense journey over the course of this series and it was a privilege to have our cameras be invited along for the ride. He was professional, sincere and acutely present every single day we shot. I have been fortunate enough to work on shows featuring some unique and extraordinary personalities and PC ranks high up there. He goes from being a person you love to hate to one that you love to love… and I feel that by the end of this season, you guys will feel the same way” he added.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Bravo
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Kris De Leon

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