Angela and Vanessa Simmons aren’t the only ones making a name for themselves these days on Run’s House. Rev. Run’s second son, Daniel Simmons, popularly known as “Diggy” is also making the news these days for his blog called “Life of the Jet Setter.”

There’s really nothing extraordinary about Diggy Simmons’ “Life of the Jet Setter” but that fact that he’s only 14 years old and has a massive following makes the entire thing even more interesting.

In tonight’s broadcast of Run’s House, JoJo agreed to help Diggy jumpstart his blog and get his website some mad traffic. As a result, ‘Life of the Jet Setter” attracted even more followers than Diggy Simmons ever expected.

“By the way I’m super honored, before the episode aired I was in the 1,100’s in followers now each time I renew the page it bumps up by about 5 subscribers so thank you I’m really humbled by the support of my OG followers and my new followers,” Diggy wrote on his blog.  

Evidently, Diggy Simmons blogs about everything, from high fashion, family vacations, hanging out with his two older sisters, to current events such as the death of Michael Jackson.

“Such a great talent was lost Michael Jackson may you rest in peace and may your family be well,” he wrote. “But I look at it in this way people should be celebrating his life not mourning it because he lived a great one and accomplished so many goals. Musician of the millennium, the most Grammys one in one night I mean the list goes WAY further!”

Aside from his blog, Diggy Simmons is also busy working on his own clothing and shoe line called Space Cadets.

Catch Diggy Simmons and the rest of the family on Run’s House every Monday on MTV.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Life of the Jet Setter)

Kris De Leon

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