In the sixth episode of No Tomorrow season 1, “No Debts Remain Unpaid,” Evie tackles a situation involving her parents, while Xavier deals with financial problems. Meanwhile, Kareema makes a surprising connection with her brother’s fiancee, and Hank and Deirdre finally start dating.

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Evie’s Parents are Having Problems

As the episode begins, Evie finds out that her parents have to scale down in their spending habits now that her dad has quit his job to pursue acting. They even have to move to a smaller place in a bad part of town. Evie is so upset about her parents’ current situation that she decides to invite them to move in with her.

Meanwhile, Evie finds out that Xavier is going through a situation of his own. She catches him burning a letter from his father because he has no intention of reading it. Evie points out that one item on Xavier’s list is to talk to his dad, but Xavier makes it clear he isn’t ready for that. Evie does manage to convince him not to burn his dad’s letter in case he changes his mind.

At lunch with Hank, Xavier notices a black van with no license plates following them. Hank assumes the van is after him due to his chat room activity, but after Hank leaves, Xavier realizes the van is still trailing him. The two men in the van get out and start chasing Xavier. He manages to evade them and calls Hank for help.

After getting some tips from Hank on how to stay under the radar, Xavier is surprised when the guys from the van show up at his place. Alas, they are not there because of his apocalypse theory. These men are Repo agents, and they have come to repossess Xavier’s things because he is deeply in debt.

Meanwhile, when Evie helps her parents move into her place, she realizes that her mother is not okay with their new lifestyle. Evie’s mom is upset that Evie’s dad quit his job without even consulting her. Yet, she can tell how happy he is now that he’s pursuing his dreams so she hasn’t spoken to him about her feelings on the matter. Evie’s mom asks her not to say anything to her father. Since Evie doesn’t want to break her word to her mother, she vows to find a way to help her parents start communicating with one another again.

Kareema Falls for Her Brother’s Fiancee

Kareema asks Evie to join her for dinner with her family because her brother is bringing his new fiancee, and Kareema could use backup. Kareema usually hates the women her brother gets involved with, but that is clearly not the case with this woman. Kareema instantly hits it off with her brother’s fiancee, Sofia, and starts flirting with her. Sofia is flirting back, and Evie thinks this is a good thing because Kareema never connects with people like this. Alas, Kareema needs to shake her crush because Sofia is going to be her sister-in-law one day.

Kareema’s mother got her son and Sofia passes to a fancy spa, but Kareema’s brother suggests that Kareema go with Sofia instead. They end up getting a couples massage because all the other treatments at the spa are overbooked. This does nothing to help Kareema rid herself of her feelings for her brother’s fiancee.

To Kareema’s surprise, it turns out that Sofia and Kareema’s brother are just friends, and he is helping Sofia stay in the country via a green card marriage. Sofia makes it clear that she returns Kareema’s feelings, and they end up kissing.

Alas, Kareema’s happiness over her crush returning her feelings is short-lived. A talk with her brother lets Kareema know that while this is only a green card marriage from Sofia’s point of view, Kareema’s brother has actually fallen in love with her.

Hank and Deirdre Continue Moving Forward

Hank spends most of the episode trying to figure out what Deirdre’s “thing” is, aka what turns her on. At first, he thinks maybe Deirdre is turned on by certain sounds, the way he is, but he quickly realizes that is not the case. He decides to google Deirdre and finds out that she writes erotic fiction under a pen name in her spare time.

After reading some of Deirdre’s writing, Hank stages a little role-playing game at work, but Deirdre is freaked out that he discovered her secret, and she asks him to leave. After realizing that Hank’s heart was in the right place, Deirdre changes her mind and decides to engage in some role-play with him. This seems to work very well for both of them.

If you’re wondering how Hank and Deirdre can date since she is his boss, Hank finds a way around that by asking for a transfer to another desk. I guess because she’s no longer his superior, it’s not against the rules for them to date. Though they still work together, so there will probably still be workplace shenanigans in their future.

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A Disastrous Double Date

Instead of telling Evie about his money problems, Xavier talks to a friend about his overwhelming debt because he doesn’t want to burden Evie with his problems. He decides to figure out his financial troubles on his own.

When Evie gets to Xavier’s place, she notices that all of his stuff is gone. Xavier lies and says he’s merely trying out the minimalist lifestyle. They make the most of it, thanks in part to the wine they’re drinking. This gives Evie the idea of sending her parents on a wine cruise because her mother always opens up when she drinks. Xavier and Evie are also going on said cruise, I guess so Evie can keep an eye on her parents. Alas, it turns out their tickets were double-booked, so they get stuck with going on the pirate cruise instead. And the boat for the pirate cruise isn’t sea-worthy, so they can’t even leave land.

At first, the cruise doesn’t seem to be doing anything to help Evie’s parents get past their communication issues, but when Evie’s dad orders food for her mother, it brings up the fact that he recently made a huge life decision without consulting her. Since Evie’s mother has already had quite a bit to drink, she starts walking the plank while in the midst of fighting with Evie’s dad. She falls into the water, and that seems to end the cruise. Evie’s parents continue arguing, and Evie’s mother tells her to enjoy the early days of her relationship with Xavier because it will never be like this again.

When they return to Xavier’s after the failed cruise, Evie finds papers from a collection agency. Xavier admits that he’s having financial trouble and that his stuff was repossessed. Evie is upset that Xavier kept this from her. She doesn’t want them having communication problems the way her parents do. Evie says she wants them to be a team and face things together. Xavier agrees and starts telling her about his debt. Evie promises to help him figure out his financial situation. In the meantime, she has an idea on how to help her parents.

Xavier Takes an Important Step

Evie decorates Xavier’s empty living room to remind her parents of the first New Year’s they spent together. That walk down memory lane helps her parents start communicating again, and they end up working things out. Evie is thrilled that she found a way to repay her parents for all they have done for her, and Xavier is moved by seeing how close Evie is with her parents. He never had that with his father. Evie thinks there is a chance he could get to that place with his dad but only if he reads his dad’s letter.

At work, Kareema tells Evie about the green card marriage and about the fact that her brother has genuine feelings for Sofia. Kareema is obviously upset that things have become so complicated with the first person she’s really liked. Evie tells Kareema that she will feel this way about someone else one day, but until then, she should avoid spending time with Sofia. Kareema knows Evie is right, but when Sofia texts her inviting her out, Kareema tells her she’ll be there.

Evie tells Xavier that her dad got a part-time job on the pirate cruise to tide him over between auditions. Xavier says he has decided to get a job too. He then shows her some pictures of him with his father. He says that while he had some good times with his dad, his father drank and wasn’t around often. After his mother died, things got even worse with his dad and he had to cut his father out of his life so he could move on. Xavier hasn’t spoken to his father in years because the last time they talked, it sent him into a downward spiral. Evie assures him that won’t happen again because she’s in his life now.

With Evie by his side, Xavier finally reads his father’s letter. His dad says he is a different man now and he’d like a chance for them to get to know each other again. Xavier isn’t sure if he’s going to respond to his dad’s letter, but Evie is proud of him for taking this step.

What did you think of the sixth episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Are you glad Xavier finally opened up to Evie about everything he’s going through? Do you think he’ll get in touch with his dad, and if he does, will it help him find closure? What did you think of Hank’s realization that Timothy is dating Fern? Is Hank worried that Evie will be upset when she learns that Timothy is falling for her former best friend? Should he be worried about that or will Evie just be happy that Timothy is moving on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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