Unfortunately, there is no new episode of The Office this week.  You’re going to have to get over it.  Tonight, instead of a half hour’s worth of hilarity, NBC will air what could be 90 minutes of hilarity in the form of the Vice Presidential debates.  As you are most likely aware, tonight’s debates will feature two of the most experienced, capable and worthy Vice Presidential candidates this country has ever known.*  The Office, coming off an excellent season premiere that featured a culmination of four years of Jim and Pam moments, will return next week with a new episode.  Disappointing, maybe, but I have every belief that tonight’s debate will be as hilarious as any network sitcom could possibly be.  NBC has provided a nice video sneak peek at next Thursday’s episode, entitled “Business Ethics,” which you can find below. 

“Business Ethics” was written by the three men who can be wholly credited with creating The Office: Greg Daniels, Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.  Merchant and Gervais created the original British version of The Office.  This is the third episode of the American version in which they will be credited as writers.  Greg Daniels is the show-runner and creator of the US version of The Office.  It will be interesting to see how much of Gervais and Merchant’s influence and voice permeates next week’s episode. 

NBC provides this description of “Business Ethics.” 

Following Ryan’s recent scandal at corporate, Holly must hold a business ethics seminar. The meeting gets out of control when Michael lets everyone speak freely about their unethical behavior at work. Meanwhile, Jim makes Dwight comply with the company’s “time theft” policy.

The way The Office brought Ryan back into the fold after his arrest was genius, and it looks like his embarrassments will only increase as the season moves along.  The clip below takes a look at Holly’s first meeting at Dunder-Mifflin that she’s presided over.  She truly is a female Michael Scott.

*This is not true.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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