Were you hoping to attend the Glee Live! tour for the first time (or maybe this would’ve been your third or fourth or fifth time) this summer as the show’s cast headlines concerts all over the country and world like they’ve done the past two years between seasons? Unfortunately, you’re out of luck, as The Hollywood Reporter has learned that there will be no Glee concert tour this year.

A spokesperson for 20th Television says, “We currently have no plans of touring the cast this summer.” If THR’s sources are correct, then it is creator Ryan Murphy that made the decision on whether the cast would tour or not. It’s no surprise at this point that Lea Michele and Co. work extremely long hours (sometimes as much as 16 hours per day). Last year, there were supposed grumblings coming from the cast that they’re overworked and are not very fond of Murphy anymore because of that.

Doing another tour would have been financially appealing for the cast and production teams. Their 2011 tour earned more than $40 million, with tickets in every single tour stop selling out. Companies are all about money, money, money, so shouldn’t figures like these persuade them to continue? Well, maybe not.

One of the stops on last year’s tour was filmed and turned into Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, released in theaters for a limited time. It was seen as a major flop, grossing only $5.7 million after spending $9 million to produce it. Another possible reason? The TV show itself is not the shining star it once was. Season 2 averaged around 10 million viewers. Season 3 (currently airing), on the other hand, is so far averaging 7.7 million viewers, with the most recent episode, “Heart,” garnering a season low of 6.9 million. On the same trajectory, digital sales of the music are down as well.

But all hope is not lost. The producers are hoping to put on a one-time benefit concert at the Hollywood Bowl sometime in the fall. Money earned from this event would be donated to the Glee Give a Note charity program. The plan is to raise $10 million in 2012.

Are you bummed that you won’t be able to see New Directions live in concert this year? It certainly will be beneficial to the cast, since they will be able to either finally take a break after two and a half years of non-stop work or to take on some new projects outside of Glee. What would you prefer: being able to see the tour or letting the cast take the summer off?

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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