The Nine Lives of Chloe King premiere is less than a week away which means we’re on the last few paths in completing the Nine Paths game. Yesterday I was given the seventh path and it looks like we may not have completed the fifth path as successfully as we thought because Chloe King may have been found.

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Path Seven: The Foe

To start my path I received an email reminding me of the Prophecy: “By the end of the Seventh Path the Circle will be prepared to see the face of The Uniter’s greatest Foe.” And that’s exactly what happened.

I received a business card in the mail with a rather jagged edge. That edge actually fit perfectly with an envelope that arrived in the original box. The envelope I was told would come in handy later on. When I put it together the word “HUNTER” was revealed.

This was the key to unlock a media file on my MaiPad where I found The Foe video, another sneak peek! I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to use iTunes to get it off the MaiPad and onto the computer to share it with you so instead I will recap the video with a few screen caps:

First, a car pulls up to this guy:

The car window goes down revealing the Foe! He says he’s in a hurry and there better be a good reason to be there.

That’s when the guy who was waiting says he’s found the girl and she’s who they thought she was! Then asks, what he should do next.

“Kill her. As many times as you have to,” says the Foe.

And then the car drives off and the other guy walks down the sidewalk, walking past this sign (the same logo on the business card I received):

The path wasn’t done. I also had to share with twitter and the rest of the Circle the symbol for Foe:
Update: Part of the video is now available on ABC Family. Click here to watch.

There you have it. Only two more paths to go before The Nine Lives of Chloe King premiere on ABC Family. Stay tuned.

(Image courtesy of ABC Family)

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