Tomorrow is ABC Family’s big premiere of The Nine Lives of Chloe King which means today is the day The Circle of Strangers goes down the ninth, and final, path to help protect The Uniter.
Today’s path required us to deliver a “Trust No One” message to Chloe King, but first we needed to find her email address. This would have been a lot easier had her email address not been written in Russian or Ukrainian. Even before that, however,  I needed to decode the key:

Using my Book of Mai I was able to translate the key to: YELTIHW

I went to the provided website that would unlock the list of email addresses and entered the code.

A list of 36 email addresses was given and I started my attempts at translating them. I was also told I may need the birth certificate that came in my original box.

After locating the correct email address (I think) I quickly sent the “Trust No One” message to Chloe.

There has been no word on if I successfully completed the path yet but as soon as I do, I will let you know.

Update: Looks like Chloe isn’t checking her emails! She’s been busy with her upcoming birthday and school. Despite the fact that The Uniter is still in danger, the Nine Paths Prophecy has now been filled, but the game’s not over. There’s still one item from my box that has yet to be explained, a baby shoe. The significance of the shoe will be explained during the premiere so keep your eyes open for it.

In the meantime, catch up with all nine paths:

  • Path One
  • Path Two
  • Path Three
  • Path Four and Five
  • Path Six
  • Path Seven
  • Path Eight

Here’s a sneak peak of Chloe King talking with her friends about wanting to be different (as she walks on the back of a bench with complete ease which is totally normal).

Chloe’s feelings for a boy might get in the way of her destiny to protect.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King, begins tomorrow night on ABC Family after the season 2 premiere of Pretty Little Liars.

(Image and video courtesy of ABC Family)

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