The time has come to say hello to the last episodes of Nikita. With Nikita out on her own, her family goes on a search to find and bring her back to them. With all but Alex presumed dead, that’s both an advantage and a hindrance. 

Lyndsy Fonseca and Aaron Stanford spoke to reporters this summer about their characters’ final journeys in Nikita season 4. 

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Lyndsy Fonseca Interview

Highlights from the interview: ‘

  • Everyone other than Alex is considered dead by the world. She has to deal with being her well-known self.
  • Alex goes to work for the UN. She embraces being Alexandra Udinov as more than just a cover. She uses it to her advantage during the day and kicks ass at night.
  • Fonseca is glad that they get to tie up the storylines. She hopes that Alex can find happiness.
  • “I’m sure someone is going to die.” Though, Fonseca doesn’t know for a fact, but the show is Nikita.
  • She’d like to see Alex to accept who she is.
  • Alex would have had a more difficult time dealing with Nikita’s absence if it happened years ago. Since they have had their differences over time, it’s easier. 
  • In season 4, it will be about finding Nikita and helping her realize leaving was more hurtful.
  • The premiere picks up right away with action. 
  • The cast and writers all think that the final six episodes will provide closure and are happy they are given that opportunity.

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Aaron Stanford Interview

Highlights from Interview:

  • The season starts with the team looking for Nikita. Ryan and Birkhoff are running the operation out of a jumbo jet. 
  • Stanford thought it was nice to show up at Comic-Con for one last time for fans.
  • He had no idea how the story for Birkhoff would end.
  • He was glad that Division was destroyed. All of season 3 he was stuck in that “dungeon.”
  • Six episodes allow for a tight, cohesive story to close out the series.
  • “Maybe this will end up being a tragedy.”
  • Sonya returns in season 4. “Never interesting to keep it happy”
  • Birkhoff’s origin story will be told in season 4. Birkhoff may not be the “Birkhoff we all know and love.”
  • Who flies the plane? 
  • The action stuff for Birkhoff was a highlight and fun.
  • He would rather see a tragic or bittersweet ending for Birkhoff. He doesn’t trust happy endings.
  • New season as a new energy. Each season has a unique feel and story.

Nikita airs Fridays at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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