Now that The Bachelor has unveiled the 30 women who will vie for Nick Viall’s attention on season 21, it’s time to get a closer look at the cast. According to host Chris Harrison, the production team did its best to put together a diverse group of women who are “very strong, smart and independent, business owners and lawyers and military.” But of course, viewers can expect a few stand-outs.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for The Bachelor season 21!

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In an interview with Yahoo TV, Harrison name-drops five women whom viewers should watch out for, including a no-nonsense Southern belle, an attorney, a doula with a big secret, an attractive business owner who runs a multi-million-dollar company and an aspiring dolphin trainer.

Raven Gates

Raven is from Arkansas and is described as “a very straight-shooting, no-nonsense Southern belle.” According to Harrison, “she has a very sweet quality to her, and she is friendly to everyone, but she is sharp as a tack and will not be walked all over. I dare you to underestimate her. Some of the girls will learn that lesson. She is around fashion and clothes as a boutique owner. She is always ‘put together’ and dreams of the big country wedding. She does fit that stereotype. She is very kind, loving and sweet, and Nick finds that very attractive. He very much enjoys being comforted by her. She is that girl who makes him forget and relax and takes him away from all the nonsense in the house, and that girl is always someone you have to watch out for on The Bachelor.”

Rachel Lindsay

Rachel is a lawyer from Dallas. “She is an incredibly smart, very strong-willed, professional woman. She knows how to command a courtroom and therefore a room in general, so she can kind of impose her will on everybody,” Harrison says of Rachel. “That is not a recipe for having an easy go in the house with the women, but it does help when trying to make sure you get noticed by the bachelor and get your time with him. But can she let down her guard and be soft enough for Nick too? Because as much as he likes strong women, he’s a sensitive guy too. She is one of many whom fans — and women in general — can get behind and root for.” 

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Elizabeth Sandos

Elizabeth is a doula who has a history with Nick. She met him nine months ago at a wedding where they kissed. “She came in and kept the secret for awhile, and Nick kept the secret for awhile. But obviously in the Bachelor house, secrets do not stay hidden,” Harrison revealed. “So eventually it’s going to come out that she already knew him. She applied after finding out Nick was going to be the bachelor. She told us the story about how they hooked up at this wedding and they hit it off. She thinks they have unfinished business and wants to see where it could go. We figured Nick could always let her go if he was not into it. That is just our kind of story, our kind of twist, a total lay-up. She convinced us that there’s a history there that she is not ready to give up on yet. She is a very sweet girl and pretty. We confirmed that this had happened, and we did not tell Nick about it. We wanted that to be a surprise to him on night one. If we told him and prepared him that someone he knew was applying and picked, he would put his guard up. Not telling him made him deal with a real-life moment and see what happens when they meet again.”

Corinne Olympios

“Corinne, a very attractive business owner, is very interesting, well-off and successful. She runs her parents’ multimillion-dollar company,” Harrison revealed. “She definitely approaches The Bachelor process with a business boardroom attitude. [She has] that ‘didn’t come here to make friends, take no prisoners’ attitude. She is there to close the deal, and that can be off-putting to the women she has to live with. There are two things I am interested to see with Corinne: One is, there’s this odd side to her that is very endearing, almost in a Michelle Money way. Like remember how Michelle would rub people the wrong way but you couldn’t help but love her at the same time? This is the same sort of thing. I will be interested to see where the fans fall on her. I think they will either think she’s the devil or they will love her a lot. I love her badass, take-charge attitude. And Nick does respond to it pretty well.”

Alexis Waters

Last but not the least, Harrison picks Alexis, an aspiring dolphin trainer. “She takes that to heart. She makes a splash on night one, pun definitely intended. She has probably the most memorable entrance this season; she tries to make a big first impression, and we will see if Nick is into it. As I said, Nick really gave the women a wide berth and let them go for it on night one. Alexis should be thankful for that. I will say this for Alexis too: She committed to character 100 percent, and I respect that.” 

What do you think of Chris Harrison’s revelations? Which of the women are you most looking forward to meet? Who do you think will cause drama? And more importantly, who do you think the winner is among the five women?

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